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Farm Management with TraceX Solutions

Farm Management has been gaining momentum in agriculture as it provides a holistic view of the farm practices and enables both farm and crop management and take the right decisions in agriculture supply chain management. TraceX’s Farm Management software enables supply chain participants to track the pre-harvest cycle with intelligent and digitized farm and crop management solutions and also helps in streamlining post-harvest processes, providing end to end traceability of the entire food supply chain

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Seed quality is the backbone of the food supply chain. The illegal seed market poses a threat to the entire world. Food security, sustainable agriculture, and farmers’ incomes are set down without the proper regulation and management of the seed value chain. Traceability solutions help in addressing these challenges.

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Traceability in the Banana Supply Chain

Bananas are one of the most favorite, popular and cheapest fruits in the world. The banana supply chain is fragmented and needs to conform to quality standards for the export market. The demand for consumer food safety, provenance, validation of certifications and transparency in the supply chain has triggered the need for traceability solutions in the banana supply chain

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Traceability in the Maize Value Chain

Maize assumes great importance in the agribusiness value chain globally. There is an ever-growing demand from various segments catering to food and non-food usage of maize. Capture the farm to mill story of maize with Blockchain traceability

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The Importance of Quality Seeds in Agriculture

The blockchain use case for the food and agriculture sector has proven to be the best known way of assuring transparency. It has become an essential tool to protect the investment in seed research and development. Ensuring the creation of quality seeds is a fundamental part of any food system . Blockchain technology helps brands to gain a competitive advantage by enabling transparency from nucleus seed to certified seed in the crop journey. 

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