Milk the goodness of trust in the traceable cow to consumer journey

A traceability solution that provides the ability to track and trace the purity of milk ensuring zero adulteration.

Milk the goodness of trust in the traceable cow to consumer journey

A traceability solution that provides the ability to track and trace the purity of milk ensuring zero adulteration.

Why is dairy traceability need of the hour?


Difficulty in tracking the source of adulteration

Numerous stakeholders are involved in the production, processing, and sale of milk and milk products. Tracking the source of contamination and reducing product recalls is challenging.

Management of small dairy farmers is resource-intensive

Implementing food safety regulations and quality control processes across large group small dairy farmers is error-prone as the process or the information cannot be validated.

Lack of solution to digitize the entire supply chain

Lack of innovative solutions makes the supply chain vulnerable to risks. There is no single source of truth that is available to validate the data across the complex supply chain.

How do TraceX Blockchain-powered solutions help?


TraceX has pioneered a solution that is specifically designed to cater to the dairy supply chain process. The blockchain-powered solution provides the ability to track and trace the entire process from verifying the source of the milk, ensuring quality at collection centers and bulk milk chillers to packaging and distribution. Traceability solutions address food safety challenges and ensure regulatory compliance.

Why is TraceX blockchain-powered traceability the most preferred solution?


Blockchain network provides single platforms for all players on the supply chain to record information. Dedicated apps for Farmers, logistics partners, processing companies.


Blockchain network does not allow any alterations to data recorded. Every member on network has a digital copy of information recorded.


Digitization of end to end processes enables all stakeholders to identify any adulteration sources such as presence of phosphate, bacterial contamination and other foreign material


Customised easy to use application is for dairy value chain provides ability to integrate existing ERP’s and data sources such cow’s health, milk quality paramemters and many more seamlessly

Key Benefits


Track and Trace Adulteration Sources

Unique digital identities created for every batch of milk provide a way to trace back to the source of any adulteration. The ability to accurately identify adulteration sources reduces product recalls and prevents milk wastage

Builds Brand Value

Provide visibility of the entire supply chain journey of the milk products and gaining buyers confidence and trust



Gain end to end visibility of the supply chain with a single source of truth and bring compliance to regulatory standards. Tangible evidence of product claims realized.

Digitize end-to-end Supply Chain Process

Creates a transparent system and builds a digital foot print for the milk product. Decentralized platform to link farmers and the consumers.

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