Blockchain makes the right cut in Poultry chain traceability

A poultry traceability solution to track and trace the poultry value chain ensuring food safety to the consumer.

Blockchain makes the right cut in Poultry chain traceability

A poultry traceability solution to track and trace the poultry value chain ensuring food safety to the consumer.

Why is poultry traceability need of the hour?


Risks of foodborne diseases

Risks of foodborne diseases due to contamination of poultry products with infectious agents together with anti-microbial drugs and pesticides used in the farm.

Rising awareness in the consumer

The rising awareness of the consumer on food safety, environmental impact and the provenance of food.

Flock health

Flock health and the various processes followed with a number of players in the supply chain

Regulatory compliance

The regulatory compliance and adherence to standards to conform to exports and the domestic market.

How do TraceX Blockchain-powered solutions help?


TraceX has pioneered a solution that is specifically designed to cater to the poultry supply chain process. The digital agricultural solution harnesses the power of blockchain to capture the journey of the produce in the supply chain from production to processing, storage and distribution, the retailer and the final end consumer. It empowers every stakeholder in the supply chain and strikes a right balance between the producer and the consumer. The traceability solution addresses the food safety challenges and the compliance to regulatory standards.

Why is TraceX blockchain-powered traceability the most preferred solution?


Seamless integration with the existing digital infrastructure and can be configured to the supply chain needs.


The multiple nodes hold the copy of the same data which makes it fault tolerant and can survive malicious attacks.


Using cryptographic hashes and encryption, data is written into the blockchain and cannot be altered, making it tamper proof.


Creates trust among participants as there is visibility in transactions across the supply chain and tracks data in real-time.

Key Benefits


Track and Trace

Traceability helps in tracking the quality of meat in real-time and helps to reduce product recalls. Helps to keep check on food contamination.

Builds Brand Value

Provides transparency of the entire supply chain journey of the livestock products and builds strong consumer brands assuring safe food.



Traceability helps to perform audit trails and ensure an authentic and credible product in both the stringent export and domestic market.

Digitize end-to-end Supply Chain Process

End to end transparency will establish the digital footprint of the product. Opens up new opportunities for farmers.

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