Sustainability Platform to Measure and Report Climate Outcomes at Scale across Nature-Based Solutions

food traceability, food supply chain, blockchain traceability, agriculture traceability software

Why TraceX?

food traceability, food supply chain, food traceability solution, food traceability software
Enhanced Supply Chain Transparency

A robust traceability solution enabling organizations to achieve end to end visibility and accountability in supply chains.

food traceability, food supply chain, blockchain traceability, agriculture traceability software
Sustainable Practices and Carbon Management

Comprehensive tools for measuring, monitoring, and reducing carbon emissions, enabling businesses to set and achieve their sustainability goals.

food traceability, food supply chain, blockchain traceability, agriculture traceability software
Streamlined Compliance and Reporting

A centralized platform helping organizations with evolving sustainability regulations and certifications, ensuring compliance.

History of TraceX


Farmer to consumer model

  • The product evolved with a direct farmer-to-consumer model
  • The journey of food from farm to fork assured consumers of the safety and quality of food
  • Farmers got a platform to connect to consumers directly and serve them with satisfaction

Farm ERP

  • Onboarding of stakeholders like Farmers, FPOs, and Cooperatives
  • Multilingual mobile app with an offline mode was developed
  • Farm Management with Geo-mapping of farms was introduced
  • Crop database was configured

Smart Crop Management

  • Package of Practices configured for all crops
  • Agri-advisory services with regards to farm inputs were a benefit for the farmers
  • Introduction of Harvest Dashboard helped to track the timely harvest of crops
  • Actionable insights based on market reach could be generated with the help of this data

Supply Chain Management

  • Digitization of the entire Supply Chain
  • Batch Management and Processes were streamlined
  • Inventory Management helped to track inward and outward movement of products
  • Generation of GRN and Sales orders

Blockchain Traceability

  • The generation of QR codes for product batches ensured traceability to address challenges due to food safety in an event of recalls
  • Scanning of QR code with a smartphone showcased the journey of the product and assured the consumer of safe food consumption
  • Digital identity created for every product


  • APIs introduced to provide feasible integration with other applications
  • APIs enabled a secure exchange of data between distributed applications
  • New UI/UX features included to enhance user friendliness



A suite of mobile and web solutions that help you

food traceability, food supply chain,


It all starts at the Farm. An easy-to-use offline multilingual mobile app for the farmers.

Hassle-free onboarding

Geo-mapping of farm lands for better tracking

Interactive dashboards for KPI tracking and decision making

Trace Gro

Capture the first mile data from Seed to Harvest.

Onboarding and Farm Management

Crop and Plot Management

Production Planning

Input & Inventory Management

Polygon Mapping for EUDR

food traceability, food supply chain,
food traceability, food supply chain,

Trace Pro

Manage Post Harvest processes on a single platform.

Inventory management


Purchase and Sales Management

Processing and Supply Chain Management

Chain of Custody for EUDR

Decarbonize Your Scope 3 Emissions

Carbon Accounting

DMRV for Carbon Credits

Sustainability Impact for Assessment for SDG's

Regenerative Agriculture

food traceability, food supply chain,
food traceability, food supply chain,

Trace Eye

Real-time precise analytics

Harvest Management

Farm Level and Crop Activity Reports

Emission Dashboards

Sustainability Reports

Due Diligence Reports for EUDR

Trace API

Decarbonize Your Scope 3 Emissions

Integration with Existing ERP's

Integration with IOT Devices

Integration with Remote Sensing Devices

Satellite Integration for EUDR

food traceability, food supply chain,

Frequently Asked Questions


Ideally information presented upon the scan of QR code is towards providing credibility to the claims. So, a company could choose the information that needs to be presented depending upon their strategic initiatives. It can range from showcasing quality of the product to the sustainable practices followed in the supply chain.

Yes we can provide integrations with popular ERPs.

We have standard reports available. Please use this link to know more. However, we will able to provide customized reports and advanced analytics on our professional tier.

This will be assessed on case by case basis depending on the scope of customization and our product roadmap. Customizations are possible at an additional cost.



No, pre harvest features are available on the phone, and the post harvest, inventory management, manufacturing can be managed on the web application.

Yes, we integrate with all the popular ERPs.

Harness the power of intelligent supply chains

Leverage Blockchain enabled traceability platform for enhanced supply chain visibility

food traceability, food supply chain

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food traceability, food supply chain

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food traceability, food supply chain

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