Blockchain Traceability for Agricultural Value Chain

A digital solution for the food and agri supply chain, assuring food safety, sustainability and regulatory compliance to the export market

Blockchain Traceability for Agricultural Value Chain

A digital solution for the food and agri supply chain, assuring food safety, sustainability and regulatory compliance to the export market

Agri Traceability Made Easy


Lack of trust in the supply chain claims

There are a number of participants involved and it is difficult to validate all data in a uniform way

No ability to track and trace

Lack of digitization tools and record keeping makes it almost impossible to track the food supply chain

Lack of compliance in quality and food safety

Lack of processes and technology to ensure the package of practices are followed at different stages of the crop production cycle without any deviations.

Consumers paranoid about the quality of food they are eating

94% of the consumers expressed a desire to know more information about the food they consume. Source of food, sustainable practices followed and food quality influence their purchasing behavior.

How do the TraceX Blockchain-powered solutions help?


TraceX has pioneered a solution that is specifically designed to cater to the Agri supply chain. The blockchain-powered solution provides the ability to track and trace the entire process from sapling distribution, tracking agronomy practices, measuring quality at harvest and tracking the food till it reaches the end consumer. It empowers every stakeholder in the supply chain and strikes the right balance between the farmer and the consumer. Blockchain traceability ensures safe and trustworthy products with authentication of quality claims

Why is TraceX blockchain-powered traceability the most preferred solution?


Seamless integration with the existing digital infrastructure and can be configured to the supply chain needs.


The multiple nodes hold the copy of the same data which makes it fault tolerant and can survive malicious attacks.


Using cryptographic hashes and encryption, data is written into the blockchain and cannot be altered, making it tamper proof.


Creates trust among participants as there is visibility in transactions across the supply chain and tracks data in real-time.

Key Benefits


Track and Trace system

Unique digital identities created for every batch of food provides a way to trace back to the source and reduce product recalls. End to end visibility ensures Transparency.

Builds Brand Value

Provides visibility and transparency of the entire supply chain journey of the agri food products and builds a credible product and a trustworthy brand.



Validates the products for quality and authenticity and ensures compliance to regulatory standards.

Farmer empowerment

The Farm Management software in the form of Pre-harvest and Post-harvest modules increase the operational efficiency, crop yields and profitability.






Agri Produce

Agri Inputs


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