Farm Management

It is a management technique for planning and carrying out agricultural decisions, such as those involving livestock, crops, aquaculture, agroforestry, etc., to maximize output and profitability. By allocating resources, devising strategies, and planning activities, it uses the resources at hand for lucrative, sustainable, and productive farming.

Types of farms

Farms broadly can be classified into three types

  • Subsistence farming: here farming is done only to satisfy the farmer’s family needs. Usually, it’s performed on a small piece of land with fewer yields and not much use of modern technology and irrigation.
  • Home farming: in this only a small portion of the terrace is utilized, and work is done with fewer tools and resources. They are employed in both commercial and subsistence farming.
  • Commercial farming: crops are grown to be sold in the market, it uses advanced methods and technology in producing efficient yields with the land available. It includes dairy farming, grain farming, mixed farming and plantation farming.

Scope of farm management

The scope of farm management extends to the study of the human, technical, economic, and financial factors involved in farm diversification to have a better ability to choose between several profitable solutions available in the modern world. They also research market trends, consumer behavior, new technologies, and farming methods to maximize efficiency.

  • Soil testing, weather, consumer demand, the availability of resources, and several other factors influence the sorts of crops that must be grown as well as the methods used to produce them.
  • Information on inputs and fertilizers is distributed depending on research, crop type, amount of water, amount of chemicals needed, etc.
  • It is possible to maintain input-output efficiency by developing different cropping patterns, techniques, and the crop itself.
  • When conducting farming research, modern farming practices and technological advancements should be used.

Benefits of farm management

Better understanding: Due to the extensive decision-making involved in farm management, a lot of data is gathered for this reason. This essentially amounts to a database that can be used to better understand every aspect of farming, including the utilization of land, water, labor, costs, profits, and other resources.

Better planning and risk management: When engaging in farming activity, there is a lot of unpredictability involved, including crop loss, weather changes, damages, pests, etc., which must be dealt with effectively and carefully. Farm activity is therefore conducted with improved planning, resource utilization with efficient operations, and cost reduction thanks to farm management and related software.

Cost efficiency: Utilizing farm inputs is a cost-saving measure because farming activities require preparation. A well-designed system helps with process comprehension and prediction, lowering the need for extra labor and chemicals while boosting sustainable agriculture.

How does traceability help in farm management? 

Traceability is the capability to monitor the movement of products throughout the production process. Through the digitization of the farming process, we can track and connect resources with crop production.

To satisfy consumer and governmental expectations for the provenance of agricultural operations, it makes it easier to track the environmental, social, and economic processes of farming activities. It also aids in analysis and decision-making based on information about the resources and techniques used.

food traceability, food supply chain

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food traceability, food supply chain

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food traceability, food supply chain

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