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Quick summary: Trace Pro transforms supply chains, enabling end-to-end traceability, authenticity, and transparency. Build trust and differentiate your brand with responsible practices. Embrace sustainability and ethical choices for a brighter future.

Looking to enhance food supply chain management and ensure quality from farm to table?

Embrace the transformative potential of post-harvest traceability! Our eBook dives deep into the importance of traceability in the food industry, empowering you to make informed decisions and build consumer trust.

In today’s world of agriculture, the post-harvest management phase plays a vital role in ensuring the quality, safety and traceability of agricultural products. Post-harvest traceability is of utmost importance in agri value chains as it fosters transparency, ensures product integrity and drives sustainability. With the right traceability solutions in place, the entire agriculture ecosystem can reap benefits of improved quality, safety and efficiency, ultimately paving way for a resilient future. 

According to FAO, post-harvest losses account for 14% of total food loss globally. 

Trace Pro, the post-harvest traceability module from TraceX with its comprehensive features and technology revolutionizes the way we capture and track data during the post-harvest phase. In this blog post, we will explore the key features and benefits of Trace Pro and how it is transforming the post-harvest landscape for farmers, processors and consumers alike. Get ready to discover the future of post-harvest traceability with Trace Pro. 

Importance of Post-Harvest Traceability 

The post-harvest phase is a critical component of the agriculture value chain, where the journey of a crop from farm to fork reaches its culmination. It is during this stage that the traceability of agriculture products becomes important. Traceability ensures that the origins, handling and processing of products can be accurately identified and documented. 

Post-harvest traceability plays a vital role in enhancing transparency and accountability across the agri value chain. It allows stakeholders such as farmers, processors, distributors, retailers and consumers to have a clear understanding of the product’s journey from the moment it is harvested to its final destination. This visibility ensures quality and safety of the product, and the sustainability standards are met at every step, promoting consumer confidence and trust. 

Post-harvest enables effective quality control measures and efficient inventory management. This reduces losses in the supply chain and minimizes potential risks such as contamination and fraudulent practices and ensures only safe and high-quality products reach the market. Accurate tracking, movement and handling of products identifies bottlenecks and helps in resolving them leading to streamlined processes, reduced waste and optimized logistics. 

Trace Pro – Features and Functionality 

Trace Pro enables organizations to create detailed records of each step in the post-harvest process, including receiving, processing packaging and distribution. It allows for the seamless integration of key information such as product details, quality parameters, certificates, documents and inventory management. 

Harvest dashboard 

The Post Harvest Tab is a comprehensive repository of information that captures all the relevant details about the agriculture products once they have been harvested and transferred to the organization for further processing and sales. It serves as a central hub for managing and tracking the product’s journey from harvest to the final stages of the value chain. The dashboard provides a graphical representation of the expected, harvested and received quantity of produce based on crop types and varieties. This offers valuable insights into the performance and progress of harvest enabling better decision-making. 


The GRN feature is used to record the receipt of incoming inventory items. It allows users to capture essential details such as the quantity, quality, and condition of the received goods. GRN functionality streamlines the process of receiving and managing the farmer produce. It provides a transparent and efficient way to record the transfer of goods from the farmer to the buyer, ensuring that all relevant information is captured and properly accounted for. GRN ensures accurate inventory management and traceability throughout the supply chain. 

Inventory Management 

The inventory tab in Trace Pro is a repository that provides a centralized view of all the products available in the warehouse at different stages of processing and packaging. This allows users to categorize the products based on their stage such as raw produce, onboarded, semi-processed and final packed products.  This helps in efficiently managing and tracking inventory throughout the supply chain. 

This feature also enables the ability to perform actions on each batch of produce. Users can add certificates which could include quality certificates, sustainability certificates and other relevant documentation. These certificates provide valuable information about the product’s origin, quality and compliance with standards. Users can also print labels for the batches, enabling easy identification and traceability of the products. Batch serialization helps unique identification and tracking of individual units within the batch. 

This feature also facilitates sales activities by providing the option to assign batches for sales. This helps in managing the allocation of products to customers or orders. The system also allows for retiring batches from inventory when required, especially for products that have expired or are no longer usable. 

The Inventory Onboarding feature enables users to add raw materials or products into the inventory system. By providing details of the supplier and product, users can efficiently capture the necessary information for each inventory item. The users can also add additional information like quality parameters, any relevant certificates and ensure easy accessibility. 


The Manufacturing tab is a versatile module that allows organizations to digitize and streamline their processing activities. It provides a centralized platform to configure and manage the various steps and sub-steps involved in product processing. 

Users can define multiple steps and sub-steps based on specific processing requirements and this capability ensures that the system adapts to the unique workflows and processes followed by the organization. 

The steps can be configured with specific input and output details, enabling precise tracking and documentation of materials and products involved at each stage of processing. Users can perform processing activities for individual batches or group multiple batches together for simultaneous processing. This helps in efficient management of large volume of products, optimizing resources. 

The Manufacturing feature provides real-time visibility and ensures timely completion and facilitates production management. It enables seamless data capture and  analysis. 

Product Processing 

The Product Processing feature allows organizations to configure and manage their specific manufacturing activities for different products. It offers a customizable platform to define process lines and activities based on the unique requirements of each product. Users can create process lines and within each activity, specify the input products and output products associated with that activity. 

On the input side, users can specify batch ID, product name, variety , grade, input quantity and number of containers used. This allows for precise tracking of materials used in manufacturing process. On the output side, users can define output product name, variety, processing details, grade, date of processing, output quantity, unit of measurement, number of containers, packing unit and weight per container. This again enables accurate measurement and inventory management. It provides visibility into the quantity and quality of inputs used and the resulting output quantities and specifications.

Trace Pro helps a leading enterprise to provide genuine organic products for a healthy and conscious living and promote the well-being of people and the planet. TraceX solutions is able to provide the customized features bringing in transparency and end to end visibility into the system.

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Sales Order 

The sales Order feature is designed to capture and manage all outgoing products sold by the organization to its buyers. It serves as a centralized platform to track and monitor the sales transactions of the final products. Once the products are processed, packed and labelled with QR codes and serial numbers, they can be listed  for sale in the Sales Order Tab. Users can create sales orders for individual products or bulk quantities, depending on the requirement of buyers. 

Sales order feature provides visibility into the status of each sales order, enabling efficient order management from order creation to delivery and invoicing. Organizations get to streamline their sales operations and ensure that all outgoing products are properly recorded and accounted for. 

Supply Chain Management 

Supply chain management feature offers a robust and efficient system for managing partners, suppliers and buyers in the agriculture value chain. With the ability to incorporate both local partners and network partners on the TraceX blockchain network, the platform provides enhance collaboration, traceability and transparency throughout the supply chain. 

Network partners play a key role in the supply chain management process. These entities are a part of the blockchain network and have their own login credentials. Being on the blockchain network ensures secure and reliable data sharing among stakeholders, minimizing risk of data manipulation. 

The platform allows for the addition of multiple partner suppliers and buyers establishing forward and backward linkages in the supply chain. This allows seamless integration of various stakeholders involved in production, sourcing and distribution of agriculture products.  

Custom Configuration Management 

Custom configuration management feature allows organizations to tailor their QR codes and product labels according to their specific requirements. This capability enables them to create unique and customized identifiers for their products enhancing traceability. 

Organizations can generate custom QR codes that contain relevant information about the product such as batch ID, product details and origin. QR code serves as a digital footprint for the product which can be easily scanned to retrieve the essential information. The platform supports integration of thermal printers, allowing seamless printing of labels directly from the system. By uploading the PRN file, organizations can effortlessly connect their thermal printers and generate high quality labels with accurate information. 

Trace Pro offers the ability to customize farmer ID and harvest ID which allows organizations to establish unique identifiers for farmers and specific harvests, enabling precise tracking and monitoring of products back to their origin. Customizing these IDs helps companies to maintain accurate records, assess product quality and establish strong relationship with suppliers. 

The user-friendly interface and customizable options empower organizations to establish their own unique brand identity, enhance traceability and meet regulatory requirements.

Benefits of Trace ProPost-Harvest Management

  • Digitized and streamlined post-harvest operations. 
  • Improved Inventory management. 
  • Enhanced transparency and traceability. 
  • Quality Control and Compliance 
  • Increased efficiency and Productivity. 
  • Data-driven Insights 
  • Sustainable Practices 
  • Enhanced Customer Trust 

How Trace Pro is helping industries in the food and agriculture sector. 


  • Improved Supply Chain Visibility 
  • Enhanced Traceability and Quality Control 
  • Compliance with Standards and Regulations 
  • Efficient Inventory Management. 
  • Improved Collaboration and Communication. 
  • Brand Reputation and Consumer Trust. 
  • Data-driven Decision making. 

Contract Farmers 

  • Efficient Farm Management. 
  • Improved traceability and transparency. 
  • Compliance with standards and certifications. 
  • Market access and Fair pricing. 
  • Financial management. 
  • Collaboration and Support. 
  • Knowledge Sharing. 

Export Houses 

  • Compliance with Import Regulations and standards 
  • Increased traceability and transparency. 
  • Quality Control and Assurance. 
  • Supply chain efficiency and collaboration. 
  • Document management and compliance. 
  • Data Analytics and Reporting. 
  • Brand protection and Consumer Trust. 


  • Supply Chain transparency. 
  • Product Authentication. 
  • Quality Control and Assurance 
  • Consumer Engagement. 
  • Sustainable and Ethical sourcing. 
  • Brand Story 

How Trace Pro is a Brand Differentiator in the Traceability market? 

Trace Pro sets itself apart as a brand differentiator in the traceability market through its extensive features, user-friendly interface and focus on transparency and authenticity. 

The end-to-end traceability allows companies to track and trace their products at every stage of the supply chain. It provides a complete view of the product journey from raw material sourcing to consumer sales. It offers customization options to let businesses tailor their specific needs and integrate seamlessly. The product authentication features like QR codes verifies the authenticity and ensures consumers of genuine products. 

The enhanced supply chain visibility allows companies to share real-time information about their products with consumers. It facilitates rigorous quality control processes, ensuring products meet defined standards and regulatory requirements. By monitoring critical parameters and capturing quality data , companies can identify issues , minimize product recalls and commit to quality and compliance. 

Trace Pro enables companies to showcase sustainability and ethical sourcing practices, giving brands a competitive edge. The module strengthens consumer trust and builds a positive brand reputation. By demonstrating transparency and showcasing responsible practices, brands can differentiate themselves as trustworthy and socially responsible. 


In conclusion, Trace pro emerges as a game changer in the traceability market, empowering businesses to revolutionize their supply chains and differentiate their brands. With its end-to-end traceability, customization options, product authenticity and supply chain visibility, Trace Pro enables companies to build trust with consumers and showcase responsible practices. 

Embracing the power of Trace Pro as a brand differentiator sets the stage for a future where transparency, authenticity, and sustainability are paramount, driving success and resilience in the evolving world of traceability.

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