Major Agriproduce exporter builds Traceable and Sustainable Supply Chains with TraceX

Economic stability to the farmers and Quality and nutritious food to the consumer builds trustworthy and competitive brands. This major agri produce exporter is able to empower farmers to reach export markets for their produce with TraceX’s technology solutions. It assures the farmers of quality yields with increase in profits and fair deals. The consumers are also ensured of a safe and healthy produce.
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Have you wondered how food reaches your plate? Do you know that food products cascade from the farmers to the consumers? The farm to plate journey is a complex one with a number of stages and processes in the supply chain. The food supply chain encompasses all activities starting from procurement of inputs, the raw materials and their production, processing, storage, distribution, retail and end consumption. All these stages have their risks and are vulnerable to food contamination, food loss and waste.

It is critical that these food supply chains are managed efficiently through end-to-end traceability with technology solutions, assuring both the growers and consumers a high degree of satisfaction. Economic stability for the farmers and Quality and nutritious food for the consumer.

See how a major exporter of fruits and vegetables implemented TraceX solutions to realize farm to plate transparency of their product supply chain.

The Export Story

A major exporter in the agribusiness sector is dedicated to empowering farmers and providing them access to global markets. With a ‘seed to market’ approach, this exporter is transforming agriculture value chains through technology solutions, enabling farmers to manage their farms and crops more efficiently while implementing sustainable agriculture practices to realize quality yields and higher profits.

Operating in various regions including Haryana, Bihar, UP, Odisha and West Bengal, this exporter has already benefitted over a million farmers and plans to scale up to 5 million by 2024. They grow a diverse range of crops from staple crops such as rice and maize to pulses, fruits and vegetables. With a focus on quality and sustainability, this exporter also supplies baby corn, chillies, bananas and grapes to markets in Europe and the Gulf region.

Challenges in the Export Market

  • Need for a robust digitized system at farm level
  • Crop planning and management
  • Adherence to Package of practices for Quality requirements
  • Process and Batch management
  • Requirement for Quality certifications
  • Need for transparency and collaboration in the supply chain
  • Meeting export requirements and certifications with validation.
  • Access to Farmer credit and equitability.

Traceability Solutions provide the edge

The Pre-Harvest and Post-Harvest management modules of TraceX helps these agribusinesses to achieving end to end traceability in the supply chain. The blockchain traceability platform provides end-to-end digitization assuring trust and transparency in the entire supply chain.

This company directly works with farmers on a contractual basis and these farmers grow the crops in identified fields. Presently it is using TraceX for digitization of Baby Corn, Chillies, Grapes and Bananas supply chains


The first-mile data is captured using a user-friendly mobile app. The farmers are onboarded into the system with their details. The crops Baby Corn, Chillies and the fruits Bananas and Grapes are configured in the system. The Package of practices for these products are configured. Quality parameters like the MRL limits are also tracked to ensure adherence to standard levels. The harvest details of these products are planned and monitored. Timely alerts are configured to alert the farmers.


The post-harvest processes are configured which normally include Cleaning, Sorting and Grading. Batch management and Inventory management aid in tracking and tracing of products in the supply chain. This helps in Recall management and prevents losses due to food wastage.  The transactions are recorded in digital ledgers of the blockchain and are shared on a collaborative platform assuring visibility and transparency among the various stakeholders in the supply chain.

The export requirements call for a need in Quality certifications at various stages in the supply chain. Quality checks are carried out by the company’s internal centers at the pre-harvest, packaging, storage and final distribution levels. The quality certificates are duly updated in the system so as to provide a single source of truth that help in audits. The final products are packed in crates and are QR coded with labels.

The QR code carries the entire information about the product journey from source to shelf.

Benefits of Blockchain Traceability

  • End to End traceability assuring Food safety and Quality.
  • Shared collaborative platform building mutual trust among players.
  • Tamper proof records to prove authenticity of products.
  • Adherence to Quality standards for Regulatory Compliance
  • Trustworthy Consumer brands with a QR code product story

Win-Win for all

The agribusiness company is able to empower farmers to reach export markets for their produce with technology solutions. It assures the farmers of quality yields with increase in profits and fair deals. The consumers are also ensured of a safe and healthy produce.

TraceX is able to help these exporters in its efforts to transform the food and agriculture value chains with farm and crop management and technology innovations for a sustainable future ahead.

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food traceability, food supply chain

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food traceability, food supply chain

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food traceability, food supply chain

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