Major Agriproduce Exporter builds Traceable and Sustainable Supply Chains with TraceX


A major agribusiness exporter grapples with challenges like digitizing farm operations, quality adherence, and meeting export standards in the fresh produce sector hindering supply chain transparency and farmer access to credit. 


Trace Gro and Trace Pro from TraceX enable a major agribusiness exporter to digitize supply chains, ensuring transparency and meeting export standards for crops like Baby Corn, Chillies, Grapes, and Bananas. 


With TraceX’s traceability solutions, the exporter achieves end-to-end supply chain traceability, ensuring quality control, compliance with export standards, and equitable opportunities for farmers, leading to expanded market reach and benefits for all stakeholders. 

The farm to plate journey is a complex one with a number of stages and processes in the supply chain. The food supply chain encompasses all activities starting from procurement of inputs, the raw materials and their production, processing, storage, distribution, retail and end consumption. All these stages have their risks and are vulnerable to food contamination, food loss and waste. 

It is critical that these food supply chains are managed efficiently through end-to-end traceability with technology solutions, assuring both the growers and consumers a high degree of satisfaction. Economic stability for the farmers and Quality and nutritious food for the consumer. 

The Export Story

A major exporter in the agribusiness sector is dedicated to empowering farmers and providing them access to global markets. With a ‘seed to market’ approach, this exporter is transforming agriculture value chains through technology solutions, enabling farmers to manage their farms and crops more efficiently while implementing sustainable agriculture practices to realize quality yields and higher profits. 

Operating in various regions including Haryana, Bihar, UP, Odisha and West Bengal, this exporter has already benefitted over a million farmers and plans to scale up to 5 million by 2024. They grow a diverse range of crops from staple crops such as rice and maize to pulses, fruits and vegetables. With a focus on quality and sustainability, this exporter also supplies baby corn, chillies, bananas and grapes to markets in Europe and the Gulf region. 

Challenges in the Export Market

  • Need for a robust digitized system at farm level. 
  • Crop planning and management. 
  • Adherence to Package of practices for Quality requirements 
  • Process and Batch management. 
  • Requirement for Quality certifications 
  • Need for transparency and collaboration in the supply chain. 
  • Meeting export requirements and certifications with validation. 
  • Access to Farmer credit and equitability. 

TraceX Blockchain Solutions

TraceX blockchain platform digitally transforms the food and agriculture ecosystem, ensuring a clean, credible, and traceable supply chain. By connecting various stakeholders securely, it facilitates the exchange of verifiable and auditable data, fostering mutual trust, accountability, and transparency. The comprehensive solution includes a multilingual, offline-enabled mobile app for farm management and a web application for post-harvest management, supply chain collaboration, and blockchain-based traceability. 


Farm and Farmer Management

The farm and farmer management feature in TraceX blockchain platform encompasses various functionalities aimed at efficiently onboarding and managing farmers within the system.  

Farmer Onboarding/Registration 

This involves capturing essential details such as plot ID, survey number, water source, soil type, address details, production practices, and landholding information. Farmers are individually registered via the mobile app or web platform, and their data can also be imported in bulk using Excel templates. 

Additional Details Capture 

In addition to basic information, critical details like Global GAP Number, Government Unique Code, and Farmer Contract Agreement are captured for each farmer, enhancing traceability and compliance. 

Farm Geo-Mapping 

Geo-coordinates of farm boundaries are plotted by field officers during farm visits, allowing for accurate mapping of farm plots. This feature provides visibility into farm boundaries and crop areas, facilitating effective farm management and monitoring. 

Discover Our Farm Mapping Feature and Transform Your Farming Practices.

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Onboarding Farmer Groups 

Farmer groups are created based on geographic areas and managed by field staff throughout the crop lifecycle. The organization’s team is responsible for creating and managing these groups, ensuring streamlined coordination and communication between farmers and field officers. 

Crop Master

The Crop Master feature in the project facilitates comprehensive crop cycle digitization and management across various crops grown by farmers in different geographies.  

Crop Variety Configuration 

Project managers or crop planning heads can configure different crop varieties grown by farmers for the current season. This includes associating crop varieties with specific farmer groups, defining crop measurements, input plans, cost of production, and other preferences. 

Input Plan Creation 

 Users can create recommended input plans for crop varieties based on crop activity types, input categories, products, dosages, and multiple input options. This feature helps in planning and managing inputs effectively throughout the crop cycle. 

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Package of Practice (POP) 

Users can develop crop calendars for the entire crop cycle using Package of Practices (POP) associated with specific crop varieties and input plans. This feature ensures adherence to recommended agricultural practices, optimizing crop yields and quality. 

Harvest Planner 

 Users can set up harvest estimates and patterns for each configured crop variety for the required crop season or year. This includes defining harvest types, whether single or multi-harvest, and planning harvest activities accordingly. 


Process Master Creation 

The Project/Operation Manager (Packhouse) will establish a Process Master for each SKU (Finished Goods) according to business requirements. 


Raw produce received from farmers is cleaned. The produce is sorted and graded based on physical, chemical, and other parameters set by organizational guidelines. Users can select individual or multiple batches for grading. Details are entered in the input and output sections, with a summary page for verification. Upon submission, a new batch is created. 


Graded produce is packed using pre-determined packaging materials configured in the Process Master. Users select the required batch of inputs and specify quantity details. Users select the output product SKU and quantity details for packing. 

Streamlined Produce Transfer and Valuation Process

The raw produce procured from farmers will be transferred from their storage facilities to a designated warehouse for further processing or necessary actions. Upon arrival at the warehouse, the produce price will be determined, accommodating any transport or handling losses. The produce can be either partially or fully accepted, and it can be graded during the goods inward process to ensure quality standards. 

At the warehouse, the admin will receive the batches sent from the farmers’ plots, verifying the actual sales details through the view receipt, Accept GRN, and Buy functions. This process ensures transparency and accuracy in recording the received quantities. 

The procurement manager determines the price of the produce, which will be used to calculate the final net-off value for the farmer. This amount will account for the cost of inputs distributed to the farmer for the crop season, ensuring they receive a fair and accurate payment from the organization. 

Overcome Challenges in Fresh Produce Exports! Contact Our Experts at TraceX Today for Tailored Solutions and Seamless Compliance. 

Key Takeaways

  • Empowering Farmers- The agribusiness company leverages technology solutions to enable farmers to access export markets, ensuring quality yields and increased profits through fair deals. 
  • Consumer Assurance-Consumers benefit from safe and healthy produce, thanks to the company’s focus on quality and traceability. 
  • Innovative Support- TraceX supports these exporters by transforming food and agriculture value chains through advanced farm and crop management technologies. 
  • Sustainable Future- The combined efforts of the agribusiness company and TraceX contribute to a more sustainable future for the food and agriculture industries. 

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