Go Desi, A New Age Packaged Food Brand Jumps Onto Tracex’S Blockchain

The transparent journey of the Go Desi’s product Desi PopZ- Tangy Imli from the Tree to the Treat! with TraceX’s FOODSIGN solution.
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A food brand inspired by Indian (Desi) flavors….. 

A touch of bygone traditions, healthy flavors and regional bites…. 

Imli pops, Jackfruit bars, Banana bites, Lemon Chaat and many more goodies all sourced, processed and branded at the farm gate….. 

Working with farmer cooperatives, self-help groups and other rural businesses to make their product shelf ready… 

Setting up micro units in rural India and reaching out their tasty treats pan India…. 

That’s really intriguing!

Source : Go Desi

Bengaluru based startup Go Desi is a packaged food brand inspired by Indian flavors and formats. The company was founded by former ITC Limited professional Vinay Kothari in 2018. It operates on the omni channel mode in the confectionary sector. 

The story unveils….. 

Source : Go Desi

Founder of Go Desi, Vinay Kothari mentions 1“Our products are regional, authentic and hence are used making age old recipe eliminating the need of sugar, colour, preservatives etc.” 

The brand dives into the rural economy of the country. It empowers local communities and works to support environment. The product travels through the Western ghat forests, farms and backyards to reach the tiny hands, all processed in harmony with nature.

Amazing! Is this really true? How do I know if this information is correct? Where is the proof? A flurry of questions taunts the consumer’s mind. Consumers hunger for all this information leaves Mr. Kothari pondering over the likely answers to these problems. 

Vinay Kothari’s solution to this problem….. 

Build a traceability feature for its products starting from Desi Popz- Tangy Imli with TraceX technologies’ FOODSIGN solution. 

The transparent journey of the product from the Tree to the Treat! A QR code that allows the consumers to view this beautiful and safe journey in a creative story format. This was the solution required for Go Desi’s product line. The transparency of the entire chain right from the tamarind tree to the final packaged product.

The robust Traceability journey…. 

  • FOODSIGN, our digital agricultural platform leverages blockchain technology to provide a traceable and a transparent supply chain. 
  • The blockchain enables various participants to exchange data which is secure and verified via a digital ledger across the supply chain.  
  • The supply chain participants in the pre harvest life cycle use our multi lingual mobile application to track the produce from harvesting to pulp sorting. 
  • In the post-harvest life cycle, the participants use our web based application to further track and trace the journey of the produce from processing to end consumer. 
  • There is also a comprehensive functionality to onboard farm cooperatives and other rural units.  
  • The entire journey of the product can be verified by the supply chain network with the pre and post-harvest traceability via a permissioned blockchain using the QR code.  
  • The Data analytics feature gives the organization an intelligent insight into the on field and off field activities to make informed decisions. 
  • It provides a digital identity of the product and builds a trustable consumer brand. 

Go Desi’s sweet takeaways…… 

A traceable product showcasing sustainable sourcing, socio-economic and environmental impact metrics, consumer trust, compliance to food safety and visibility in global markets. 

Vinay Kothari says 2“Transparency is the key to trust and to cement it, we are delighted to announce our sumptuous association with TraceX to pioneer a QR code based traceability feature for our amazing products. We take pride in announcing this venture for Imli Popz and we are looking forward to infusing this feature into other products.” 

A way forward….. 

Go Desi’s products are available across India through its company websites, online market places and 7000 physical retail stores in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.  Go Desi’s Imli Pop is the top selling product in the respective category on Amazon.

Go Desi is committed to “transforming the customized candy world with complete mirrored transparency” and we at TraceX Technologies are with them in this sustainable journey. 

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