Scope 3 Emissions - In Scope

Scope 3 emissions refer to greenhouse gas emissions that occur along a company’s value chain but are not directly under its operational control. These emissions are considered indirect emissions as they result from activities that are beyond the company’s immediate control.

In this whitepaper, we will explore the concept of Scope 3 emissions in detail, including the carbon footprint of companies and how it impacts the climate. We will discuss the Emission Scopes and the GHG protocol and why we need to measure these emissions. We will also examine the best practices for measuring and reducing the scope 3 emissions through sustainable supply chain management.

What’s Inside?

What is Carbon Footprint

The impact of Carbon Footprint on Climate

Carbon Emission Sources

How are GHG emissions calculated

Emission sources and GHG Protocol

Why do we need to measure Scope 3 emissions

Challenges involved in measuring Scope 3 emissions

How to reduce Scope 3 emissions

Sustainable Supply chains unlock Net-zero targets

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