Seeds of Trust: TraceX's Blockchain Solution Against Spurious Seeds in Telangana


The Telangana government grappled with the pervasive issue of spurious seeds infiltrating the agricultural market, endangering farmers’ livelihoods and crop yields due to the absence of robust traceability measures. 


Partnering with TraceX, a leading blockchain solutions provider, the government initiated a pioneering pilot project to trace the movement of authentic seeds using blockchain technology. 


By providing transparency and accountability throughout the supply chain, the solution empowered farmers with authentic seeds, ensuring improved crop yields and sustainable agricultural practices. 

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In the heart of India’s agricultural landscape, Telangana grappled with a persistent challenge: the infiltration of spurious seeds, jeopardizing the livelihoods of its farmers and the integrity of its crops. In a pioneering initiative to safeguard the state’s agricultural sector, the Telangana government partnered with TraceX, a leading blockchain solutions provider. Together, they embarked on a groundbreaking journey to implement a robust seed traceability system, leveraging blockchain technology. This innovative solution aimed not only to combat the proliferation of counterfeit seeds but also to instil trust and transparency across the entire seed supply chain. 

As part of the initiative, prominent seed producing companies, including Kurnool Seed Pvt Ltd. (KSPL) and Sri Rama Seed Pvt Ltd. (SRS), were enlisted for paddy and cotton seeds.

Challenges Faced in the Seed Market

  • High demand for seeds can create an opportunity for unscrupulous suppliers to introduce spurious seeds into the market. 
  • In some regions, the seed sector may be largely informal, with a significant portion of seeds being produced and distributed by local suppliers who may not adhere to quality standards. 
  • The absence of digitalization in the seed supply chain contributes to rampant instances of spurious seeds infiltrating the market, posing significant risks to farmers’ livelihoods and crop yields. 

Empowering Seed Transparency through Technology

seed traceability, Best project solution for seed supply chain, seed supply chain

Traceability in the seed sector provides a robust solution to various challenges by enabling the tracking of cotton and paddy seeds from source to final products. It ensures the production of quality seeds while identifying counterfeits. By verifying key attributes such as origin, purity, physical and genetic traits, and germination percentage, buyers can confidently authenticate seed quality. Moreover, traceability enhances transparency and fosters effective communication across stakeholders, facilitating compliance with regulatory standards. This empowers consumers with insights into seed origin and protects farmers from the risks associated with counterfeit seeds, ultimately leading to improved crop yields and agricultural sustainability. 

Seed Traceability Solutions with TraceX- BeST

Seed traceability, facilitated by TraceX, ensures a transparent and reliable journey for seeds, from production to customer sales. 

Grower Traceability 

TraceX enables tracking of seed lots from their origin in seed production to processing in the seed company. This comprehensive tracking helps verify the authenticity of seeds by tracing their source, ensuring quality and trust in the seed supply chain. 

Forward Traceability 

Post-processing in the seed company, TraceX continues to track seeds until they reach the farmer for sales. This forward traceability feature monitors the journey of seeds after processing, providing insights into their distribution and sales process. Farmers can trust the journey of seeds from production to purchase, ensuring transparency and reliability in the seed supply chain. 

With TraceX’s seed traceability solutions, stakeholders can confidently navigate the seed supply chain, ensuring authenticity, quality, and transparency every step of the way. 

Governance Platform with TraceX 

  • Governing Council Approval: The Governing Council, a governing body, approves entities such as seed companies, distributors, and retailers on the BeST network, ensuring credibility and reliability. 
  • Platform Admin Invitation: The Platform Admin, managed by the Agri department of Telangana state, is responsible for inviting entities to join the BeST network, facilitating seamless onboarding and participation.  
  • Streamlined Registration Process: Entities can register on the BeST platform through either the Governing Council or Platform Admin, providing flexibility and convenience in joining the network 

Forward Traceability with TraceX

In the seed supply chain, forward traceability is often fragmented, leading to challenges in tracking seeds post-processing and ensuring accountability among stakeholders. To address this issue, TraceX offers a forward traceability system that involves all key stakeholders, including the seed producing company, distributors, retailers, and farmers/buyers. This system enables seamless tracking of seed packets from processing to distribution and final sale. 

seed traceability, Best project solution for seed supply chain, seed supply chain

How it Works:

Seed Processing 


Each harvested lot undergoes a comprehensive evaluation to ensure adherence to top-notch standards like purity and Germination Percentage. This rigorous quality assessment guarantees that only seeds meeting the highest quality benchmarks proceed further in the production process. Additionally, the implementation of unique tracking IDs for each processing step ensures seamless traceability throughout the entire journey of the seeds. This means that from the moment they are harvested until they reach the end consumer, every step of the process can be accurately traced and monitored. 


  • Rigorous Quality Assessment 
  • Enhanced Traceability 

Seed Packaging 


Serialization involves assigning unique serial IDs to every individual Stock Keeping Unit (SKU). This means that each packet of seeds can be tracked individually throughout its journey from production to distribution. This level of granularity enables precise monitoring of each seed packet’s movement and status. Containerization involves consolidating multiple SKUs into larger units, each equipped with a Container ID. This streamlines the handling and transportation of seeds, reducing logistical complexities and optimizing storage space. By grouping multiple SKUs into containers, the process becomes more efficient, allowing for easier management of inventory. Each container is equipped with dynamic QR codes, providing real-time insights into seed inventory. These QR codes can be scanned at various checkpoints along the supply chain, allowing stakeholders to access up-to-date information about the contents of each container. This real-time visibility enables better inventory management, timely replenishment, and improved decision-making. 


  • Transparency through Serialization  
  • Closed Loop Network with Containerization 
  • Real-time Insights on Seed Inventory  

Seed Sales 


Serialized and containerized SKUs allow for the efficient management of sales orders. Each SKU is uniquely identified, making it easier to track and manage orders throughout the distribution process. SPCs execute orders to trusted distributors, who play a crucial role in the distribution network. These distributors swiftly onboard seed packets into their inventory, ensuring that the seeds are readily available for distribution. Retailers, equipped with serialized and containerized SKUs, can effortlessly track and sell seed packets to farmers. This ensures that farmers have access to high-quality seeds and fosters trust in the distribution process. 


  • Seamless Tracking and Transparency  
  • Streamlined Distribution  
  • Transparent tracking of Seeds 

Farmer Empowerment 

Farmers can scan the QR codes on individual SKUs to access detailed information about the seeds, including their origin, processing, and quality. This level of traceability provides transparency and allows farmers to make informed decisions about their seed purchases. By demanding authentic sales transactions supported by SMS notifications containing unique Trace IDs, farmers can verify the authenticity and compliance of the seeds they purchase. This ensures that farmers receive genuine, high-quality seeds that meet regulatory standards, reducing the risk of counterfeit products. The feedback is not only provided to the SPC but also helps them to raise complaints against errors in sales and spurious seeds. This makes the tracing process easier helping to identify the location and incidence of spurious seed distribution across states.  


  • Enhanced Transparency 
  • Authentic Sales Transactions 
  • Continuous Improvement 

Reporting for Insights 

The reporting capabilities provided by TraceX offer valuable insights at every stage of the seed supply chain, enabling informed decision-making and enhanced efficiency. Seed Producing Company (SPC) reports provide comprehensive insights into farm management and productivity. Individual farmer activities are tracked through farmer reports, allowing for personalized support and informed decision-making. Distributor and retailer reports offer visibility into stock levels and sales performance, enabling efficient inventory management and sales strategies. Governance reports provided to the Governing Council (GC) and Platform Admin (PFA) streamline administrative processes and ensure regulatory compliance. 

Impact with TraceX Solutions

seed traceability, Best project solution for seed supply chain, seed supply chain

Impact with TraceX Solutions

seed traceability, Best project solution for seed supply chain, seed supply chain


The implementation of TraceX’s blockchain-based seed traceability solution revolutionized the agricultural sector in Telangana. By providing transparency and accountability throughout the supply chain, the solution empowered farmers with authentic seeds, ensuring improved crop yields and sustainable agricultural practices. 

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