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Quick summary: Trace Gro revolutionizes pre-harvest traceability with transparency, efficiency, and compliance. Harnessing blockchain and data analytics, it ensures accurate traceability, empowering agriculture businesses.

Farm Management with Blockchain Traceability Solution – eBook

Effective farm management is a cornerstone of pre-harvest traceability, ensuring product integrity, regulatory compliance, supply chain transparency, quality assurance, and resource optimization.

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, the importance of traceability in agriculture throughout the supply chain is very crucial. Farmers, producers and consumers are increasingly seeking transparency, accountability and sustainability in the foo dthey grow, sell and consume. Addressing these demands, Trace Gro, TraceX’s pre-harvest traceability module revolutionizes how critical data is captured and tracked during the early stages of agriculture production. 

According to a survey by Label Insight, 94 % of consumers are more likely to be loyal to a brand that offers transparency and detail information about their origin and production. 

With its comprehensive features and harnessing the power of blockchain, Trace Gro enhances transparency, efficiency and compliance empowering stakeholders to make informed decisions, minimize risks and  ensure high quality standards. Join us on this blog journey as we delve into the transformative power of Trace Gro and explore how it is reshaping the future of pre-harvest traceability in agriculture. 

Importance of Pre-Harvest Traceability 

Pre-harvest traceability in agriculture refers to the ability to track and trace crucial data throughout the early stages of agriculture production, from planting to harvest.  It plays a crucial role in  ensuring food safety, quality control and sustainability in the supply chains. By capturing and monitoring relevant information, pre-harvest traceability enables farmers, producers and stakeholders to have a comprehensive understanding of the entire production process. Trace Gro, is TraceX’s pre-harvest or farm management module that enables farmers and stakeholders to have a clear view of the entire pre-harvest process, allowing for increased transparency and accountability.

Pre-harvest traceability is crucial for food safety. Tracking and documenting each step of the pre-harvest phase allows for identification of potential issues related to contamination, pesticide usage and unethical practices. With detailed records of cultivation process, crop inputs and production methods, it becomes easier to identify and address any food safety concern, minimizing the risk of contaminated products reaching the market. Monitoring of various factors like soil conditions, irrigation practices, seed selection and pest control, farmers can optimize their production processes and ensure consistent quality and adhere to regulatory standards.

Pre-harvest traceability also promotes sustainability in agriculture, where the farmers can make optimal use of input resources like water and fertilizers and reduce wastage. This helps to minimize environmental impact and conserve resources. Traceability also fosters fair trade practices in supply chains and facilitates certification which are product differentiators in the market. 

Trace Gro – Features and Functionality 

Trace Gro offers a set of features designed to enhance traceability, efficiency and decision-making process in the pre-harvest phase of agriculture production. It provides a centralized platform for managing farmer information, farm management, crop management, harvest calendars, procurement processes and generates insightful reports and intuitive dashboards.

User-friendly mobile app 

  • Multilingual mobile app that works seamlessly in offline mode for efficient data collection. 
  • Tailored to meet the need of farmers and field agents who may have limited access to internet connectivity. 
  • Farmers and field officers can easily navigate through the application and input data without requiring extensive expertise. 
  • Straightforward workflows enables simple capture of records relate dto pre-harvest activities. 
  • Offline mode ensures that no data is lost , allowing for uninterrupted data collection, irrespective of network coverage. 


  • Onboarding feature offers a streamlined process to onboard farmers, cooperatives and farmer producer organizations (FPOs) onto the platform.
  • It serves as a centralized database where users can store and manage comprehensive information about farmers and their groups. 
  • Establishes a digital profile for each farmer, facilitating efficient communication. 
  • Records the farming methods and practices followed by the farmers. 
  • It also provides fields to input certifications and credentials held by farmers related to organic farming, fair trade practices etc. 


  • Geo-mapping feature enables tagging and visualization of farm plots using latitude and longitude coordinates. 
  • Accurately maps and locates each farm plot on a geographical map, providing a spatial perspective of the agriculture landscape. 
  • This helps in planning, monitoring and decision making related to farm management activities. 
  • Overlaying this with additional data layers such as satellite imagery, soil maps and weather data helps to gain insights into relation between farm plots and environmental factors. 
  • Geo-mapping enhances traceability, where users can identify the location of crops, monitor their growth and development and track the crop activities.

Crop Configuration 

  • Crop digitization helps farmers to input and manage crops grown. 
  • Crop season, variety, area under cultivation, sowing or planting date and estimated harvest details helps farmers to establish a digital record of their crop production. 
  • Recording data on cropping season sets a clear timeline for each crop’s growth and development. 
  • The data regarding land utilized helps in effective management of land resources and scale of production. 

Package of Practices 

  • The crop activity feature provides farmers with timely notifications and guidance on field activities based on the standard Package of Practices.
  • The various practices like Tillage, Irrigation, Fertilization, weed control and harvesting are configured against each crop. 
  • These activities are aligned with the specific crop’s growth stages and recommended practices.
  • Farmers receive notifications via SMS and app notifications, ensuring that they are properly informed about the activities. 
  • This serves as a valuable tool for time management, allocation of resources and increase in operational efficiency of farms. 

With the utilization of TraceGro, the preharvest traceability solution, CSAFE was able to enhance crop agronomy and achieve sustainability goals within their tomato value chain.

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Procurement Manager 

This feature streamlines and digitizes the procurement process

  • Benefiting both the farmers and procurement entities. 
  • Validates farmer identity and other relevant information to ensure that only registered farmers participate in the procurement process. 
  • The feature allows accurate measurement of weight of farmer produce, ensuring that farmers are fairly compensated based on their harvested crops. 
  • Grading helps in categorizing produce based on quality and after procurement is complete, receipt issuance of procured stocks are enabled. 
  • This feature maintains accurate records of farmers and their produce which helps in tracking procurement activities, managing inventory and generating reports for decision making. 

Benefits of Trace Gro

  • Enhanced traceability in pre-harvest phase with accuracy of data collection and tracking. 
  • Empowering farmers with data driven insights. 
  • Enables traceability and quality assurance to end consumers. 
  • Ensures compliance with regulations and standards. 
  • Promotes sustainable farming practices and environmental stewardship. 
  • Facilitates informed decision making and risk management. 
  • Streamlines supply chain operations in pre-harvest enhancing the operational efficiency. 
  • Supports market access and certification requirements. 
  • Improves financial management and payment process. 
  • Facilitates collaboration and information sharing among stakeholders. 

How Trace Gro is helping industries in the food and agriculture sector. 

Trace Gro for Enterprises 

  • Enhanced supply chain visibility 
  • Quality assurance and compliance 
  • Enhanced Product Integrity 
  • Efficient Supplier management. 
  • Risk Management and Data driven decision making. 
  • Consumer engagement with Transparency. 
  • Environmental Sustainability 
  • Simplified audits and certifications. 

Trace Gro for Contract Farmers 

  • Streamlined processes with digitization. 
  • Enhanced Data collection and accuracy. 
  • Real-time monitoring and support. 
  • Quality control and compliance 
  • Performance tracking and incentivization 
  • Access to market opportunities 
  • Transparent and Fair procurement process 

Trace Gro for Export Houses 

  • Enhanced Quality Control 
  • Compliance to international standards 
  • Improved Supply Chain efficiency 
  • Improved Market Reputation 
  • Risk mitigation 
  • Market access and competitive advantage 
  • Data driven decision making. 
  • Sustainability Reporting 

Trace Gro for D2C Industries 

  • Product Transparency 
  • Authenticity and trust 
  • Supply Chain visibility 
  • Product Differentiation 
  • Consumer Engagement 
  • Quality assurance 
  • Brand story 

How Trace Gro is a Brand Differentiator in the Traceability market? 

Trace Gro positions itself as a true brand differentiator in the traceability market. It not only meets the industry standards but also goes above and beyond to provide a comprehensive solution that enhances transparency, efficiency, compliance, and decision-making capabilities in the early stages of the supply chain. 

Unlike traditional traceability solutions, Trace Gro goes beyond basic data collection and tracking by offering a holistic approach to pre-harvest traceability in agriculture. Leveraging blockchain, data analytics and IoT enhances data collection, monitoring and reporting. This results in improved efficiency, accuracy and real-time visibility into crop activities and inventory levels. This empowers businesses to make informed decisions, optimize processes and mitigate risks effectively. 

Trace Gro seamlessly integrates into existing systems making it adaptable across farm sizes and types and is customizable. The user-friendly interface and multilingual support make it accessible to farmers, cooperatives and FPOs worldwide. The offline mode capability enables data collection in areas with limited connectivity ensuring uninterrupted traceability process. 

Trace Gro enables businesses to set themselves apart as leaders in traceability, building trust among stakeholders and gaining a competitive edge in the market. 


In conclusion, Trace Gro pre-harvest traceability solution empowers agriculture businesses with unparalleled transparency, efficiency and compliance in the early stages of the supply chain. By harnessing the power of blockchain and data analytics, Trace Gro enables businesses to track and monitor crucial information throughout the pre-harvest phase, ensuring accurate traceability. Farmers, cooperatives and FPOs can navigate the complexities of agriculture production, enhance sustainability practices an emmet the growing demands of transparency from consumers.

Embrace the power of Trace Gro and embark on a transformative journey towards a more resilient and traceable agricultural industry.

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