Global GAP Certification 

What is Global GAP certification? 

Global GAP certification is an internationally recognized standard that ensures agricultural products are produced, processed, and handled in accordance with strict food safety, quality, and sustainability requirements. 

What are the key criteria for Global GAP certification? 

Key criteria for Global GAP certification include good agricultural practices (GAP), compliance with legal requirements, environmental conservation, worker health and safety, and animal welfare. 

How does Global GAP certification benefit farmers? 

Global GAP certification benefits farmers by enhancing market access, improving product quality and safety, increasing consumer trust, and promoting sustainable farming practices. 

What challenges do farmers face in obtaining Global GAP certification? 

Challenges in obtaining Global GAP certification may include the cost of certification, meeting stringent requirements, implementing necessary infrastructure and practices, and navigating complex documentation and auditing processes. 

What are the future trends in Global GAP certification? 

Future trends in Global GAP certification may include the integration of digital technologies for enhanced traceability and transparency, expanded sustainability criteria, and alignment with international standards to facilitate global trade. 

food traceability, food supply chain

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food traceability, food supply chain

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food traceability, food supply chain

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