Climate positive

Climate positive is a state wherein the amount of carbon absorption is more than the amount of carbon emission. This is performed above net-zero carbon by adding to its removal. Climate positive and carbon negative is the same thing.

“The positive net impact of a product, company, municipality or a country on the mitigation of climate change.” To elaborate, climate positivity goes beyond carbon neutrality, i.e. while carbon neutrality concentrates on balancing the number of carbon emissions with the number of carbon offsets and captures. Climate positivity goes further in removing additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

With drastic changes occurring at a rapid pace, businesses have to adapt to sustain in the long run. Climate positivity helps businesses become smart and efficient towards climate change.

How to become climate positive

There are essentially only two ways to become climate positive. The first is excessive offsets relative to the number of emissions, and the second is assisting others in reducing their emissions by making sure the entire supply chain does so, monitoring your product until it is disposed of or recycled appropriately, etc.

  • Start by defining your carbon by gathering and segregating data on emissions as per the scope and the GHG protocol.
  • The organization alone cannot achieve climate positivity and hence partnerships are important for strategizing and offsetting effectively.
  • The use of renewable energy sources not only reduces the number of emissions but increases efficiency.
  • Promote climate positivity

Difference between climate-positive and carbon neutral 

Carbon neutrality works on balancing the number of carbon emissions with the amount of carbon absorption and climate positive goes a step beyond by absorbing additional carbon from the atmosphere.

Which companies are going climate positive

Companies like Apple, Walmart, Volkswagen, Accenture, BMW, Saint-Gobain, Unilever, Microsoft, IKEA, etc. are a few to name.

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