Organic India delivers Healthy Organic products with TraceX’s Solutions


Organic India faced several challenges in their agricultural operations, including the need for farm digitization, tracking regenerative practices, ensuring end-to-end traceability of their products, and validating quality certifications to meet social and environmental standards. 


TraceX provided Organic India with blockchain-powered digitized solutions to address these challenges. Trace-Gro, the pre-harvest management module, onboarded farmers, geo-tagged their lands, and configured crop management and harvest schedules. Trace-Pro, the post-harvest management module, facilitated inventory management and generated receipt notes for materials. 


With TraceX’s solutions, Organic India was able to streamline their agricultural operations, digitize their farm management processes, track regenerative practices, ensure product traceability, and validate quality certifications. This enabled them to uphold their commitment to sustainable and organic farming practices while delivering healthy and authentic products to consumers. 

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Organic foods are a good choice for the benefit of human health and foods grown using organic farming practices not only boost the health of your family but also that of the planet. 


 Organically grown food are free from components that may harm the mankind and nature. These could include pesticides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers, hormones and growth boosters. Organic agriculture envisages food production with optimum nutritional value and minimum dangerous ingredients. 


Soil health is linked to the health of food systems and soil affects both human health and the planet health. The principle of health in organic farming suggests avoiding harmful chemicals that leave behind residues which has a negative impact on people and the planet. It also involves utilizing environmentally friendly practices for fostering soil quality and avoiding pollution. 

About Organic India

Organic India is a multi-national company which produces certified organic herbal and ayurvedic health products. The company is known for their line of organically grown Tulsi infusions which are sold in India, US, Canada and UK. The company works with thousands of smallholder farmers to cultivate acres of sustainable organic farmland. They are committed to see healthy conscious living in action and reach out to millions of consumers with a message of oneness with nature. Organic India products are healthy, free from toxins, wholesome and are packaged with care. It upholds the dignity of farmers and brings true health and wellness to consumers. 

Every herb, plant and fruit in Organic India products are grown or harvested using organic methods and sustainable wild-crafting practices. Each item represents a connection between Mother Nature, farmers, and consumers.

Challenges Organic India had

  • Organic India, a multinational company renowned for its certified organic health products, faced a series of challenges in their agricultural practices. Firstly, they encountered the pressing need for farm digitization to modernize their operations and streamline processes. Without digital tools, managing farm activities efficiently became increasingly difficult. 
  • Another challenge was capturing and tracking regenerative practices employed in crop growth. Organic India was dedicated to sustainable farming methods, including regenerative agriculture, but lacked an efficient system to monitor and document these practices throughout the cultivation cycle. 
  • Moreover, ensuring end-to-end traceability of their products was a significant concern for Organic India. With an increasing demand for transparency from consumers, the company needed to demonstrate the authenticity and integrity of their organic products by providing detailed information on their journey from farm to shelf. 
  • Additionally, Organic India faced the task of validating their quality certifications to meet social and environmental standards. With certifications playing a crucial role in assuring consumers of product quality and sustainability, Organic India needed a reliable way to verify and maintain these certifications across their supply chain. 

In essence, Organic India recognized the importance of addressing these challenges to maintain their commitment to sustainable farming practices and deliver high-quality, authentic products to consumers worldwide. 

TraceX provides healthy and sustainable solutions to Organic India

TraceX provides blockchain powered digitized solutions to Organic India to address their challenges. Trace- Gro, the pre-harvest management module onboards farmers, geo-tags their lands and configures the crop management and harvest schedules. Trace-Pro, the post-harvest management module performs inventory management and generation of receipt notes of the materials.

Trace- Gro – Pre-Harvest Solutions

Farm Management 

Farmers are onboarded into the system and their details are entered and profiles created with Unique IDs. The farms are geo-mapped with latitude and longitude details, plot area and area under cultivation. 

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Crop Management 

The various crops are configured in the system along with season and cropping details. Tulasi has 3 varieties which are captured. The sown area, the estimated and actual yields are captured.

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Seed Distribution 

Organic India distributes seeds, cuttings, or roots to farmers for planting various crops, with the specific crop list provided by the Organic India team. This distribution process ensures that farmers have access to the necessary materials to cultivate the designated crops. Additionally, during the harvest of these crops, Organic India provides tarpaulin sheets and HDPE bags to farmers. These materials are essential for safe and efficient harvest handling, protecting the harvested produce from external elements and maintaining its quality during transportation and storage. To streamline and track this distribution process, Organic India utilizes the FoodSign application. Through the  app, Organic India can digitally record and document the distribution of seeds, cuttings, roots, tarpaulin sheets, and HDPE bags to farmers, ensuring transparency, accountability, and efficient management of agricultural inputs and resources. 

Nursery Management 

In nursery management, farmers receive seeds from the Organic India team and sow them in designated nursery areas within the main field. Here, the plants are nurtured under optimal conditions to facilitate germination and early growth. Farmers carefully monitor factors such as water, sunlight, and soil nutrients to ensure the healthy development of seedlings. Once the seedlings reach a suitable stage of growth, they are transplanted from the nursery into the main plot for further cultivation. This process allows farmers to establish strong and healthy plants, setting the stage for successful crop growth in the main field. 

Package of Practices 

Once the transplantation is done, the various package of practices for each crop is configured along with the schedules and alerts.

Generation of Approved Farmer List (AFL)

Organic India’s field team conducts inspections of farmer fields during the transplantation of saplings from the nursery to the main field. During these inspections, field activities are recorded and updated in the AFL (Agricultural Field List) to track progress and ensure proper management of agricultural activities. Subsequently, this AFL list is shared with a third-party field team responsible for verifying farmer details and finalizing the estimated yield. 

To facilitate efficient reporting and data management, Organic India utilizes the application. Through the app, field teams can easily input field activity data and update the AFL list in real time. Once the AFL list is populated with relevant information, Organic India can download comprehensive reports directly from the application. These reports provide valuable insights into field activities, farmer details, and estimated yield, enabling Organic India to make informed decisions and monitor the progress of agricultural operations effectively. 

Quality Processes 

After harvest, farmers engage in field-level processing directly on the farm. This process typically involves three main steps: cleaning, drying, and packing the produce. Farmers take responsibility for cleaning, drying, and packing the harvested crops, ensuring that the produce is ready for further distribution or sale. 



During the procurement process, farmers bring their produce to the designated procurement center along with a copy of their token. Upon arrival, the entry of the farmer’s ID and token is manually verified to ensure accuracy and authenticity. Subsequently, the quality of the produce undergoes thorough inspection by a quality controller. If the quality fails to meet the set standards, the lot is returned to the farmer. However, if the quality meets the required criteria, the produce is graded accordingly (A, B, C) to categorize its quality level. This meticulous process ensures that only high-quality produce is accepted and processed further, maintaining the standards set by Organic India. 

The farmer token serves as confirmation of accepted produce quality by Organic India. It is issued after quality parameters are entered and verified, granting access to the token issuance window. 

Integration with Weighing scale 

This feature allows users to weigh the harvested quantity or sales quantity directly on a weighing machine, with the weight automatically reflected in the mobile application. The integration of weighing machines reduces manual entry errors and ensures precise calculation of the weight of produce or products. It enhances efficiency and accuracy in recording quantities during harvesting or sales activities.

weighing scale integration (2)

Procurement and GRN 

Organic India utilizes SAP software for various procurement and payment processes, including generating procurement order IDs, Goods Receipt Note (GRN) receipts, and managing farmer payments. While SAP handles these aspects, Organic India seeks to integrate SAP with the TraceX application for seamless data exchange and synchronization. This integration aims to enhance efficiency and accuracy by ensuring that data captured in SAP, such as procurement orders and payment details, is automatically reflected in the  application. This integration project will be pursued as a separate work order, focusing on establishing a robust connection between SAP and TraceX to streamline operations and data management across both platforms. 

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Organic journey with TraceX Blockchain 

  • 500 farmers are onboarded on to the TraceX blockchain. 
  • The geo- mapping of the individual farms are carried out 
  • The various crops like tulasi, neem, ashwagandha, chick-pea, chilly, mustard, barley, green gram, black gram and sesame are configured. 
  • The crops after nursery treatment that are transplanted need to be configured with the package of practices. 
  • Harvest schedules are generated. 
  • Quality checks are carried out and relevant certificates are uploaded. 
  • The cleaning, drying and packing processes of the produce is carried out. 
  • The produce is weighed, and purchase orders are generated.

Key Takeaways

Organic India is able to showcase transparency and sustainability in their organic produce value chain, thereby building consumer trust and also increasing the operational efficiency with reduced costs. The weighing platform integration with TraceX application, the token generation for procurement for the farmers and the SMS notification of procurement to the farmers are few of the customized features that Organic is able to realize with the TraceX solutions. 

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TraceX is able to provide the customized features bringing in transparency and end to end visibility into the system. TraceX also helps Organic India  to provide genuine organic products for a healthy and conscious living and promote the well-being of people and the planet with its digital traceability solutions. 

Start using TraceX

Transparency, Trust and Success for your Climate Journey.

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