ONGANIC uses TraceX’s Blockchain Solutions for their Paddy Value chain

Onganic uses TraceX’s SaaS based, blockchain powered traceability solution to achieve end-to-end transparency across their paddy supply chain. This helps to bridge the gap between the farmers and the organic market and with traceability, they can deliver a healthy product to the consumer.
food traceability, food supply chain

Do you know that Black rice is called the emperor’s rice? 

The distinct blackish-purple color is due to its antioxidant properties. 

What is in the red rice?  

A powerhouse of nutrients filled with fiber and anti-cancer properties 

And the famous Baby Basmati rice, a premium variety also called Gobindobhog normally offered to Lord Krishna! 

Rice is the staple food of millions and India is the second-largest consumer. As the world gets conscious of safe and healthy food along with environmental sustainability at its core, organic food is highly sought after. Utilizing organic nutrient sources and biofertilizers, organic rice is nutritious and healthy for the consumer. Organic rice contains fewer pesticides and the farming practices conserve water and reduce the carbon footprint. 

Onganic foods is a leading global supplier of certified organic agro-products from India including Rice, Spices, Cereals, and Oilseeds. Onganic is a social enterprise that connects small and marginal organic farmers with the end consumers. Onganic promotes the indigenous growth of a variety of rice both through online and offline platforms. 

Empowering farmers in the East and Northeast India, they have an integrated supply chain with both milling and processing units. Onganic believes in high standards of quality guided by ethical practices to satisfy customers’ needs in the global environment. 

Ekta Jaju, Founder & CEO of Onganic Food is extremely passionate about building a sustainable, organic, and resilient community, envisioning a better livelihood for the farmers and a sustainable planet.

The sticky challenges of Onganic 

  • Lack of digitization in the supply chain with manual entry and record of transactions 
  • Onganic believes in the ethical sourcing of their products, the claims of which have to be proved. 
  • The farms at Onganic are certified organic and this claim needs to be validated 
  • High standards of quality of products need to be maintained and hence the requirement of solutions that combat adulteration and contamination of products. 
  • Onganic has a close connection with farmers working towards their upliftment and hence farmer visibility and the fair price he receives is crucial. 
  • Sustainability requirements mandate the need for Transparency in their supply chain 

Onganic finds its solutions with the TraceX platform 

An end-to-end traceability solution ensuring a quality product to the consumer helps Onganic to win customer loyalty. A digitized solution that would bring all the stakeholders onto a single platform, streamline the processes, track and trace the products, manage inventory and provide full traceability. This would assure Onganic of a credible product that could boost its brand image and bring visibility to the marginal farmers. 

Onganic jumps to the TraceX blockchain traceability platform 

Onganic uses TraceX’s SaaS based, blockchain powered traceability solution to achieve end-to-end transparency across their supply chain. This helps to bridge the gap between the farmers and the organic market and with traceability, it is able to deliver a credible and trustworthy product to the consumer and at the same time ensure the farmer ample visibility in the market. 

Let us see how TraceX’s solution FOODSIGN helps Onganic to reach their mission 

  • 219 Farmers are onboarded to the platform through multilingual mobile apps
  • The farms to an extent of 110 acres are geo-mapped to add the geographical identification marks like latitude and longitude which helps users identify location-specific information from their mobile. This brings transparency into the system and farmers are able to manage their crops better
  • The pre-harvest module helps to carry out crop management. Crop advisory and the Package of practices are configured to ensure that effective yields are realized and the farmers do not deviate from the best practices. This assures the farmer of a higher yield and the information regarding weather fluctuations helps to manage his harvest. 
  • Harvest dashboards help the farmers to gain insights into crop growth, yield, and market price and they are able to make informed decisions. 
  • As Onganic has its own milling and processing facilities, the post-harvest module takes care of the various processes scheduled, inventory management and generation of goods receipts. 
  • Digitization in the post-harvest stage helps Onganic to manage its processes and have visibility over its inventory. The blockchain ledgers maintain digitized records of their activities which cannot be altered. This builds trust among the stakeholders. 
  • Digitization of records and certificates provides them a single source of truth and helps them to be compliant with regulations, especially for their export market. 

Key Takeaways for Onganic 

1The mission of my organization is to impact 10,000 farmers by 2025, by converting them to organic farming and connecting them with sustainable, reliable, premium markets,” says Ekta Jaju, ONganic’s founder. 

Digitization of the Supply chain with TraceX’s solution is ensuring high quality and food security of its end products and efficient supply chain management. 

Transparency and Traceability across the value chain is helping Onganic to achieve its socio-economic and environmental goals of a sustainable planet for the future.

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