Nesso’s Fragrant Traceability journey with TraceX

Nesso adopts TraceX’s blockchain traceability solutions for validating the ethical sourcing claims of raw materials with complete traceability. Nesso is assured of a quality product that hastens compliance to regulatory standards.
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Essential Oils are compounds extracted from flowers. The oils capture the flower’s scent and the flavour. The unique aromatic compounds give the oils its essence. These oils are used in aromatherapy, a form of alternative medicine that employs plant extracts to support health and wellbeing. They are also used in cosmetic industry as perfumes and fragrances.

Since these products are from an unregulated industry, the quality and composition of these oils vary. Purity, Quality and Reputation are the primary factors to be looked into the essential oil brands. 

Nesso is the leading manufacturer and supplier of natural essential oils in India. The raw materials are sourced ethically and in a sustainable  way. The finished products cater to the aromatherapy, food and beverage, cosmetics and toiletry industries. Nesso has a product development lab to monitor the quality of these oils. It caters globally to various brands in US and Europe. Every batch is processed and tested against stringent quality standards.

Challenges faced by Nesso 

  • Lack of aggregation among flower suppliers 
  • Lack of digitization in the supply chain 
  • Inability to track harvest schedules among farmers 
  • Labour Management and data capture for certification 
  • Fair pricing to the farmers 
  • Validate ethical sourcing practices 
  • Adherence to Quality standards 
  • Lack of visibility and transparency in the supply chain 

TraceX has the solutions for Nesso 

TraceX blockchain traceability solution addresses the challenges of Nesso. The end to end digitization of the supply chain ensures visibility and transparency and helps Nesso achieve its quality and sustainability requirements. 

Flowers are a symbol of purity and divinity and they play a very important role in rituals and perfumes. The flowers Jasmine Sambac and Tuberose are cultivated with utmost care by a dedicated farmer network. Nesso aggregates flower agents who source the flowers from farmers across Mysore, Chikballapur and Gauribidanur.

Flower to extract- A fragrant traceability journey 

  • The flower agents are onboarded to the system with the mobile application 
  • The flowers Jasmine Sambac and Tuberose are fed as crop varieties in the system 
  • The farms are mapped into the geo-spatial environment 
  • The Package of Practices is configured to track adherence of best practices 
  • The capture of first mile data prepares them for the post-harvest stage 

Win – Win for Nesso and TraceX 

Benefits of Blockchain Traceability for Nesso 

  • End to end traceability creates a digital identity to the product 
  • Digitization eliminates paper-based records with immutable data captured in digital ledgers 
  • A single source of truth helps in validation of their sourcing claims 
  • Digitization also empowers farmers to track their harvest progress and substantiate their work 
  • Tracking deviation of POP helps to adhere to quality standards, assuring a pure and safe product 
  • Optimization of the supply chain helps organizations to increase production and operational efficiency and reduce costs

TraceX is happy to provide the necessary digital traceability solutions to Nesso to facilitate faster regulatory compliance in the global markets. 

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