MTR FOODS – Traceability Solution for the Byadagi Chilly

MTR Foods Limited leverages TraceX’s Blockchain traceability solutions to trace the byadgi chilly used in their products to build trustworthy and transparent consumer brands
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The whiff of a hot brewing sambhar… 

The delicious vegetable curry… 

A steaming rasam drink… 

Does that tickle your palate? 

Would you like to experience this hot spicy journey? 

Get into this world of “Spices”, a magic tool for all culinary arts. India is the ‘Land of Spices’ and a major producer and exporter of chilies. Chilly is a horticultural crop, mainly used as a condiment.

Its pungent, spicy taste and appealing color make it an inevitable ingredient of Indian dishes. 

MTR Foods, a traditional heritage brand, is a very popular household name.

It has a strong presence pan India. With a unique brand identity, spices form a major focus for MTR in South India.

Bydagi chilly is an important ingredient in Indian dishes. This chilly is grown in North Karnataka regions and supplied to these manufacturing giants. 

The Hot Challenges that MTR faces 

MTR sources the red Bydagi chilly from Dharwad, a district in Karnataka. It is connected to a few FPOs in this district, where the chilies are sourced from the local farmers. It is very critical for the company to know the source of these chilies and how it has been grown and processed to bring transparency across the agriculture supply chain.  

Aflatoxins are toxins that are generated by the growth of fungi on commercial crops due to moisture content. These are toxic substances that are a serious health hazard. This growth is commonly seen in chilies during the picking, drying, handling, and transportation stage of the supply chain activities. Correct handling practices along with proper drying, sorting, and grading is essential to keep the levels of this toxic substance low. 

Maiyas, the founders of MTR feel,1 “Integrity is the backbone of MTR. It’s the core reason for its survival over the decades. Whether it’s food or conduct in business, emphasis is on ethics and fair play” 

Tall claims that need to be verified to realize a trustworthy brand! 

These are the questions that the MTR brand needs to answer. 

  • Credibility of the provenance of their product 
  • The visibility of the farmer and his share 
  • The input usage like fertilizers and chemicals used and the growing conditions 
  • The package of practices adopted to ensure an effective yield. 
  • The aflatoxin levels of the chilies with product traceability 
  • Verification of the certified food safety claims. 

Spicy Solutions for MTR brands with TraceX solutions 

MTR ties up with TraceX to use its Blockchain traceability solutions to overcome these challenges that the brand has. 

A digitized platform to track the crop from source to destination helps them to achieve transparency and build trustworthy and safe brands for the consumer. Traceability solutions that shape a robust agriculture supply chain 

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The hot chilly journey with traceability solutions on the blockchain 

Key Takeaways for MTR 

  • A digital traceability solution that helps MTR to showcase the credibility of their product.
  • Quality standards are adhered to guaranteeing a safe product to the end consumer 
  • Digitized records in the system helps MTR to prove compliance to various regulatory standards. 
  • It establishes a collaborative platform among the farmers, consumers, and the stakeholders building a trusted ecosystem across the entire agriculture supply chain 

Win-Win for all 

TraceX helps corporates to build sustainable brands and win the loyalty of consumers and assure them a safe and healthy future.

Read more about Traceability in Agriculture value chains. 

Learn how to build Sustainable Food Systems for the future.

Discover how blockchain is bringing transparency and visibility to the entire food supply chain!

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