How Milk Mantra and TraceX Pilot Blockchain Traceability for Full Transparency


Milk Mantra faces the challenge of ensuring regulatory compliance and addressing increasing quality concerns in the agri-food and dairy industry. With minimal infrastructure at collection points, achieving full traceability poses a significant challenge. 



By integrating TraceX’s blockchain traceability platform into its dairy processing operations, Milk Mantra aims to democratize the dairy value chain. This initiative will enable them to establish end-to-end traceability, starting from their various collection points. 



Through the pilot of the traceability platform, Milk Mantra anticipates achieving greater transparency and trust in its dairy products. By leveraging blockchain technology, they aim to enhance regulatory compliance, improve product quality, and meet the growing demand for provenance among consumers. 

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“As it grows, Milk Mantra wants to remain focussed on its “purpose”, that of solving the “trust deficit” between consumers and food and providing fair value to farmers by eliminating middlemen. 

Bearing that in mind, Milk Mantra is building a blockchain platform in partnership with digital agriculture solution provider TraceX. Milky Moo will be the first food brand in the country to give consumers the ability to scan products and see where it is coming from and visibility across the entire value chain.” 

Within the food industry, products in the dairy value chain sector are under constant scrutiny due, in part, to a large number of cases worldwide of food-borne illness and food contamination related to products derived from dairy. 

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) says, However, “About 93% of the samples (5,976 out of 6,437) surveyed were found to be “absolutely safe” for human consumption,” “41% of the “safe” samples still fell short on at least one quality parameter.” 

To address the general problem of trust deficiency, countries such as India – the world’s largest milk producer and Asia’s largest net exporter of dairy products – are implementing new dairy processing and quality assurance approaches. 

About Milk Mantra

Milk Mantra, renowned for its Ethical Milk Sourcing Program and commitment to transparent payment and pricing structures, prioritizes the sustainable livelihoods of farmers through financial inclusion. Under its flagship brand, Milk Moo & Moo Shake offers a range of milk and milk-based products, including buttermilk, probiotic yogurt curd, cottage cheese, and flavored milk beverages. 

Challenges faced by Milk Mantra

  • With consumers demanding transparency, provenance for agri-food and dairy products is now non-negotiable. 
  • Regulatory compliance and quality issues are growing concerns within the Agrifoods sector. 
  • Milk, primarily sourced from smallholder farmers, lacks infrastructure at collection points. 
  • Milk Mantra has initiated digitalization in its dairy value chain. 
  • The challenge lies in demonstrating how Milk Mantra and similar companies can leverage Blockchain to achieve full traceability from collection points to processing operations. 

Blockchain Traceability Solutions from TraceX

TraceX blockchain traceability solutions are utilized in several key stages of the dairy processing operations: 

Aggregation of Data: Information from various collection points is aggregated at Bulk Milk Chillers, ensuring that details about each product and its evolving state are recorded on the Blockchain. 

Processing Plant Integration: At processing plants, additional details about the newly transformed products, such as packaged milk, paneer, and dahi, are registered on the Blockchain through interfaces with existing systems. This creates corresponding assets on the Blockchain. 

Labeling and Packaging: Before final products leave the plant, scanning labels with QR codes or Trace IDs are affixed to the packaging. These codes contain references to digital assets on the Blockchain, allowing consumers to access the history of the products. 

Consumer Traceability: Consumers can use a mobile app to scan these trace codes, enabling them to track the provenance of the milk and verify its authenticity and quality. 

Key Takeaways

dairy supply chain, dairy traceability, dairy value chain, dairy supply chain traceability, dairy farm supply chain, dairy supply management

Key Takeaways: 

  1. Real-time Visibility: TraceX enables the digital journey of milk through the dairy value chain, providing real-time visibility at every stage.
  2. Secure Data Exchange: The platform securely connects all actors involved, facilitating the exchange of data that is verifiable and auditable, ensuring mutual accountability and transparency.
  3. Collaboration Across the Value Chain: TraceX brings together multiple dairy value chain actors onto a single platform, enabling seamless collaboration and data exchange.
  4. Consumer Empowerment: By enabling consumers to see the milk journey, TraceX enhances transparency and trust, empowering consumers to make informed decisions about the products they consume.

Start using TraceX

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