ITC connects with TraceX for Potato Traceability

Technico- ITC connects with TraceX to realize digitization in the potato value chain. These potatoes go into the famous ITC chips brands where quality is of utmost importance. The end-to-end traceability with blockchain solutions of these potatoes with the right agronomy practices in place delivers high-quality produce.
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Crunchy Delights, Bursts of flavors, delectable bites, Savory treats!
Does that remind you of your favorite snack? Yes, it is the Bingo Chips from the ITC brand!
ITC processes quality potatoes for its brands of chips and this quality is assured through potato traceability.

Technico Agri Sciences Ltd (TASL) is a 100% subsidiary of ITC Ltd, the FMCG giant. Technico is an Agri- biotech company involved in the business of producing and selling ‘Early generation’ seed potatoes with its Technituber seed technology. Technico is India’s largest seed potato producer which caters to the high-quality Potato Chips and French Fries market. 


The Crunchy Challenges of Technico 

TASL provides an Early generation vigorous seed potato. Field generation Three seed (FG3), is a product that has been exposed to the field conditions for three years.

The seeds are grown in a contract farming environment with a lot of importance given to quality control. Agronomic protocols are vital to ensure the global quality of the products. 

Technico needs to address some of these points 

  • Farmer and Farm management through digitization 
  • Crop management for the seed potato and taking related decisions 
  • Agronomic practices for quality yields 
  • Pest management and Nutrient deficiency for incorporating best practices 
  • Digitization of records to simplify field officer’s efforts 
  • Validate the authenticity of products 
  • Harvest schedules and tracking 
  • Adherence to quality standards and best practices. 

Tracex connects to Technico to chip in with its solutions 

TraceX offers its Blockchain-powered Traceability solutions to Technico to realize end-to-end transparency in its potato value chain. A solution that would address the many challenges that Technico has to prove, as regards its credibility in the market. 

Slicing through the Seed Potato Value Chain with Blockchain 

  • 220 farmers and 4 Aggregators get onboarded using an easy-to-use multilingual offline mobile app 
  • The Farms are mapped in the geospatial environment 
  • The input parameters for the seed potato crop are fed into the application. 
  • The Package of Practices is configured with the help of the Pre-Harvest module 
  • The Harvest details are configured to help the farmer track harvest progress 
  • The Harvest dashboards help the farmers to monitor harvest progress and gain insights into market requirements. 
  • Digitization of farming and crop inputs serves as authentic records to prove the authenticity and credibility of the product. 

Win-Win for TraceX and Technico 

1Chief Executive Officer, TASL emphasized Technico ’s focus in transforming the potato value chain right from delivering high-quality Technituber®, Early Generation Seed Potatoes to farmers and processors across segments viz., Table, Chips and French Fry. 

Technico is the world leader in early generation seed potato production. Seed potatoes are being used in almost all potato-producing states in India and more than fifteen countries worldwide and are changing the face of traditional potato production systems. 

TraceX is happy that it has helped Technico in achieving its quality goals towards delivering high-quality potatoes for ITC. 

Check how TraceX is revolutionizing the Agriculture value Chains with its Blockchain-powered Traceability Solutions. 

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Download your ITC connects with TraceX for Potato Traceability here

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