Enhancing Food Safety and Quality in Vegetable Contract Farming with TraceX


Navigating the complexities of vegetable supply chains presents numerous challenges, from perishability risks to food safety concerns. Contract farming demands stringent quality standards yet requires heightened farmer awareness and efficient production planning. Translating physical data into digital records, ensuring stakeholder education, and meeting compliance demands add further layers of complexity to the process. 


Green Earth adopts TraceX’s traceability solutions to enhance food safety and quality in their fresh produce sector. Leveraging digital technology, they streamline supply chain processes while ensuring transparency and efficiency. By utilizing blockchain technology 


By leveraging TraceX’s solutions, Green Earth establishes a credible platform among stakeholders. This fosters trust among consumers and partners, reinforcing Green Earth’s commitment to quality and transparency. 

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Ajith Pai, Founder and CEO, Green Earth Fresh Produce, says, “TraceX has been critical in helping us to accomplish comprehensive traceability across our supply chain and effectively monitor the inputs and practices in our farms which helps us in ensuring adherence to good agricultural practices that are so important in the minds of our consumers.” 

Fruits and vegetables are an important part of cuisines around the world. The exotic veggie greens provide fresh and nutritious food to consumers all over the world. The vegetable sector contributes to biodiversity, environmental sustainability and improvement of livelihood of farmers all along the value chain. Contract farming helps farmers to address their problems related to market access by improving their participation in the high value vegetable sector. 

Green Earth Fresh Produce (GEFP) in the Nilgiris is a contract farming company that directly partners with small hold farmers in the production of Iceberg lettuce. 

Challenges in the Lettuce Journey

Green Earth is a major supplier of Iceberg lettuce to M/s. Vista process foods(P) Ltd who are in turn the empanelled suppliers for the consumer giants McDonald’s and KFC. This will mean Green Earth has to get a foothold on a number of challenges that will come up in their lettuce journey.   

  • Vegetables are highly perishable products which can cause food wastage at every step in the value chain leading to losses. There is also a risk of foodborne illness linked to pathogen contamination as these vegetables are consumed raw or uncooked. Food safety is very critical. The quality and shelf life of the products is of paramount importance.  
  • Contract farming model calls for a controlled environment and high-quality standards. Farmer awareness on the produce, the supply chain risks, the market reach and guaranteed income are some of the challenges.  
  • The pre-harvest, post-harvest, storage and transportation stages are dependent on innumerable factors which will need efficient production planning.  
  • Monitoring and recording of data at all stages needs to get translated from the physical level to digital level to validate the claims.  
  • Training and education to all the stakeholders in the supply chain is required to ensure proper collaboration.  
  • Owing to the premium clientele, there is a necessity for compliance and strict adherence to standards. 

TraceX Solutions

Traceability solutions from TraceX ensures food safety and quality and streamline all the processes in the supply chain. Blockchain technology keeps all the records and events generated, in a distributed, immutable ledger and helps in monitoring the various processes in real-time. The interoperable technology platform can store all the sources of information and provide a single source of truth. This can provide a detailed audit trail.  

farm management, farm management solution, farm management software

Trace Gro – Pre-Harvest Solution 

Sapling Distribution 

TraceX facilitates the tracking of saplings from nurseries to farmers’ fields, ensuring transparency and accountability in the supply chain. 

Farmer Profiling 

The system onboards farmers by collecting essential information, creating profiles to track their activities and contributions throughout the farming process. 

Farm Mapping 

Through geospatial mapping, TraceX accurately maps farmlands, providing valuable insights into the location and layout of each farm. 

Crop Configuration and Agronomy 

TraceX’s multilingual Android application enables farmers to plan their crops and receive agronomy advisories tailored to their specific needs. This includes configuring the package of practices for each crop, ensuring adherence to best agricultural practices. 

Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts 

The platform offers real-time monitoring of farm activities, generating alerts via SMS to farmers or field officers in case of deviations from prescribed practices. This proactive approach ensures compliance with standards and allows for timely intervention. 

Harvest Dashboard 

TraceX provides a harvest dashboard that tracks the progress of harvest activities, offering valuable insights into yield forecasts, harvest timelines, and overall productivity. 


Discover the power of preharvest solutions with Trace Gro. 

Trace Pro- Post Harvest Solution 

Production Tracking 

TraceX enables real-time tracking of production activities, ensuring that each step in the process is monitored and recorded accurately. 

Post Harvest Management 

The platform facilitates post-harvest management by allowing farmers to configure processes for maintaining the quality of produce after harvest. This includes sorting for decay or contamination and ensuring that the produce is fit for packaging and transportation. 

Packaging and QR Tagging 

TraceX generates QR codes for each crate of harvested produce, allowing for easy identification and tracking throughout the supply chain. The system also generates Goods Receipt Notes (GRNs) to document the receipt of goods at various stages. 

Traceability across Supply Chain 

By aggregating data from both pre-harvest and post-harvest activities, TraceX provides comprehensive traceability information that is accessible through a simple QR code. This allows stakeholders, including end customers like Vista Foods, to trace the journey of the produce from farm to fork with ease and confidence. 

Explore the efficiency of post-harvest solutions with Trace Pro. 

farm management, farm management solution, farm management software

Benefits of TraceX Solutions 

  • The technology platform helps Green Earth to streamline their supply chain with farm management, crop management, production planning, processing and distribution and create a digital footprint for their product.  
  • The traceability solution enables easy and transparent verification of claims assuring a credible product. Adherence to standards would give them a competitive edge while dealing with clients.  
  • Comprehensive traceability via the QR code generated on the lettuce crates reassures the consumer of the safety of food and hence builds trust.  
  • At the farm level, activities are streamlined for both the farmer and field officers along with timely alerts assuring them maximum returns.  
  • The Green Earth cofounders are happy to take informed decisions on their business with the data analytics and dashboards which allows them to track the various KPIs, crop insights and market prices. 

Key Takeaways

farm management, farm management solution, farm management software

Through TraceX’s comprehensive traceability solutions, Green Earth Fresh Produce has revolutionized its supply chain management from pre-harvest to post-harvest processes. By leveraging advanced digital technology, the company ensures adherence to good agricultural practices, monitors farm activities in real-time, and maintains quality standards at every stage. With transparent traceability via QR code tagging, Green Earth fosters trust among stakeholders and delivers premium-quality produce to end customers like Vista Foods. This collaboration has not only streamlined logistics but also empowered farmers to optimize their operations and enhance overall efficiency in the fresh produce sector. 

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