Transforming Tomato Supply Chains: How C-SAFE Leveraged TraceX Solutions for Efficiency and Profitability


Inefficient Tomato Value Chain: The tomato value chain faces numerous challenges, including agronomy issues like improper usage of agri-inputs and lack of soil health knowledge, as well as post-harvest losses due to handling, grading pests and diseases, and multiple intermediaries leading to significant losses. 



Digitization with FOODSIGN: By implementing FOODSIGN, TraceX’s blockchain-powered digital traceability solution, in collaboration with C-SAFE, the Sri Amaranarayana FPO addressed the inefficiencies in the tomato value chain. This solution provided visibility and transparency throughout the supply chain, from farm to market, addressing issues like manual record-keeping, lack of digitization and tracking of agronomy practices. 



Improved Efficiency and Reduced Losses: With the adoption of TraceX solutions, the tomato value chain saw enhanced efficiency and reduced losses. Farmers gained access to valuable agronomic insights, leading to better crop quality and market realization. Additionally, the digitization of the supply chain minimized post-harvest losses by improving grading, packaging, storage, and transportation processes.

Tomato Supply Chains, tomato traceability, c-safe tomato supply chain

Overall, the collaboration between C-SAFE and TraceX resulted in a more resilient and profitable tomato value chain for small marginal farmers.

Tomato Supply Chains, tomato traceability, c-safe tomato supply chain

Tomato is one of the most popular vegetables in the world. India is the second-largest producer worldwide. It is an essential commodity that is eaten raw and is also processed into other food products like ketchup, jams, pickles, soups, and sauce. Because of the high demand, tomato production has always been high. They are usually produced and harvested by small-hold farmers. However, because of its perishable nature and post-harvest losses, only 1% of the production goes in for processing.  

About the Organization

C-SAFE (Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Agriculture & Farm Excellence) was launched to celebrate the 150 years of Tata Group. The activities under CSAFE are to realize safe models for driving value in safe food creation and a safe environment. CSAFE focuses on farmer empowerment so that they get maximum yields for their produce and at the same time deliver quality produce to the consumer.  

C-SAFE works with the Sri Amaranarayana FPO at Chintamani, to help farmers in tomato cultivation and provide the market reach. C-Safe focuses on enhancing values for small marginal farmers. They want every stakeholder in the supply chain to have visibility and reap the benefits. It believes in 3 value chain drivers viz. Agronomy, By-products, and the Consumer.  

Challenges faced by FPO

Challenges faced by Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) in the tomato value chain include: 

  1. Limited access to agricultural inputs and inadequate knowledge of soil health management, hindering optimal crop growth.
  2. Ensuring high crop grade quality to meet market demands and secure fair prices for farmers.
  3. Managing post-harvest losses during harvesting, handling, and grading due to inadequate infrastructure and pest/disease management.
  4. Dealing with numerous intermediaries in the supply chain, leading to significant post-harvest losses.
  5. Addressing challenges in grading, packaging, storage, and transportation, resulting in additional losses.
  6. Coping with manual record-keeping and outdated farming practices, highlighting the need for digitization.
  7. Managing price volatility due to the lack of cold chain infrastructure for preserving tomato quality during transportation and storage.

TraceX Solutions

TraceX farm management software addresses challenges in the tomato value chain by providing comprehensive solutions for digitizing farm operations and optimizing crop management. Here’s how it helps:

Onboarding and Mapping: TraceX facilitates the onboarding of farmers through a multilingual offline mobile app, streamlining the process of integrating them into the digital platform. The software maps farm locations in a geospatial environment, enabling efficient management of agricultural land covering 420 acres. 

Crop Management: The platform allows for the configuration of crop details and package of practices, ensuring that farmers have access to essential information for cultivating tomatoes effectively. By digitizing crop management processes, TraceX helps farmers make informed decisions regarding planting, irrigation, fertilization, and pest/disease control. 

Tomato Supply Chains, tomato traceability, c-safe tomato supply chain

Harvest Planning and Insights: TraceX generates harvest dashboards that provide valuable insights into crop growth and yield, enabling farmers to plan their harvest timelines effectively. By leveraging data analytics, the software helps optimize harvesting operations, ensuring optimal timing for maximum crop quality and yield. 

Grading and Distribution: After harvesting, TraceX facilitates the grading of tomatoes according to quality standards, ensuring consistency and uniformity in product quality. The software also assists in packing the tomatoes into crates, categorizing them based on grades. This ensures that higher-grade produce is directed to supermarkets, while lower grades are allocated to local markets, optimizing distribution channels. 

N.Narasimha Reddy CEO of the AmaraNarayana FPO says, “ From the time we adopted TraceX’s farm Management Solutions, the farmers and our company has benefitted immensely. It has helped us in gathering the right information about inputs and has improved the quality of produce.” 

Key Takeaways

  1. Standardized Farming Practices: TraceX enabled CSAFE to implement standardized package of practices, ensuring consistent and quality tomato yield across farms.
  2. Enhanced Resource Utilization: Farmers benefited from timely mobile notifications and agronomic insights provided by TraceX, enabling optimal utilization of input resources such as pesticides and fertilizers, leading to increased productivity and reduced costs.
  3. Adoption of Best Practices: TraceX empowered farmers to adopt best practices for quality yields by providing tracking of package of practices and offering end-to-end visibility of the entire value chain.
  4. Improved Market Linkages: With better visibility and traceability facilitated by TraceX, farmers were able to establish stronger market linkages, thereby enhancing market access and opportunities for selling their produce.
Tomato Supply Chains, tomato traceability, c-safe tomato supply chain

Overall, the implementation of TraceX solutions resulted in improved farming practices, enhanced productivity, and better market connections for the farmers associated with the CSAFE project. 

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