How TraceX helped CSAFE in Tomato Supply Chain Digitization

CSAFE connects with TraceX to unlock the opportunities in the Agri value chain with Blockchain technology Solutions. A digitized supply chain driving sustainable practices in farming to realize effective crop yields with agronomy advice.
food traceability, food supply chain
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Adding value to the farmers and the other stakeholders with digital interventions 

Driving Sustainable practices in Agriculture 

Unlocking opportunities in the Agri value chain with Blockchain technology Solutions 

Yes! That is FOODSIGN, TraceX’s digital traceability solution for you!

“TraceX is an important collaborator for our C-SAFE projects, partnering the initiative as a vital enabler on the digital front. TraceX would be a valuable partner to any company for long-term engagement, with energetic leadership and a nice crew to interact with.” Says V. Shankar, Ex-Director General C-SAFE(Tata Rallis) 

Read on to find out how CSAFE benefitted from TraceX’s blockchain solutions for their Tomato value chain 

C-SAFE (Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Agriculture & Farm Excellence) was launched to celebrate the 150 years of Tata Group. The activities under CSAFE are to realize safe models for driving value in safe food creation and a safe environment. CSAFE focuses on farmer empowerment so that they get maximum yields for their produce and at the same time deliver quality produce to the consumer. 

Tomato is one of the most popular vegetables in the world. Indi is the second-largest producer worldwide. It is an essential commodity that is eaten raw and is also processed into other food products like ketchup, jams, pickles, soups, and sauce. Because of the high demand, tomato production has always been high. They are usually produced and harvested by small-hold farmers. However, because of its perishable nature and post-harvest losses, only 1% of the production goes in for processing. 

C-SAFE has some challenges 

C-Safe focuses on enhancing values for small marginal farmers. They want every stakeholder in the supply chain to have visibility and reap the benefits. It believes in 3 value chain drivers viz. Agronomy, Byproducts, and the Consumer. 

  • Tomato value chain has a number of agronomy challenges 
  • Usage of agri-inputs and lack of knowledge of soil health is the primary concern. 
  • Crop grade quality is important for farmers to realize a good market. 
  • There are losses in the harvest stage which include handling, and grading pests and diseases. 
  • There are a number of intermediaries in the supply chain with post-harvest losses of more than 30% 
  • Grading, packaging, storage, and transportation also cause losses of about 21%. 
  • Lack of digitization in the supply chain, with manual entry of crop records and farming practices. 
  • Lack of cold chain infrastructure leading to price volatility.

C-SAFE connects with TraceX for digital solutions 

TraceX delivers blockchain-powered digital traceability solutions with its FOODSIGN application. C-SAFE works with the Sri Amaranarayana FPO at Chintamani, to help farmers in tomato cultivation and provide the market reach. 

The digitization of the supply chain starts with farm management, crop management, and scheduling harvest timelines.  

About 230 farmers from the FPO get onboarded to the platform through the multilingual offline mobile app. 

The farms are mapped in a geospatial environment amounting to 420 acres 

The crop details are configured along with the Package of practices 

Harvest dashboards are generated to get insights into crop growth and yield. 

The harvested tomatoes are graded according to quality and packed in crates. 

The higher-grade crates are sent to supermarkets and lower grades are sent to local markets. 

Benefits for CSAFE 

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food traceability, food supply chain

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food traceability, food supply chain

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food traceability, food supply chain

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