Brewing Transparency: Technoserve Transforms Coffee Supply Chains with TraceX


Coffee production in the Araku Valley faces challenges such as low productivity among smallholder farmers, inconsistent quality due to geographical and climatic variations, and the cumbersome process of manual data recording. 


TraceX Technologies partners with TechnoServe to implement end-to-end digital traceability solutions for coffee produced by 3500 farmers in the Araku Valley. This initiative provides transparency, streamlines data management, and ensures adherence to ethical and sustainable practices. 


Through the partnership, TechnoServe can offer partner brands like Blue Tokai and Humble Beans the ability to track and record the journey of coffee from bean to cup. This enhances trust and credibility for specialty coffee brands, improves supply chain efficiency, and empowers smallholder farmers to scale their economic viability through aggregation and digitalization. 

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Sandesh Deranna, Crop Lead- Coffee Value Chain, TechnoServe, said, “We are always on the lookout for digital tools that will help farmers improve their incomes and build a better future for themselves. TraceX was exactly the solution we were looking for. Through their blockchain-enabled traceability platform, TraceX empowers farmers by giving them more visibility, improving efficiency and profitability, building trust and transparency, leading to a better connect with the end consumers. 

Smallholder farmers need to improve their incomes and get visibility in the markets to have a competitive edge and sustain a decent standard of living. 2 billion people globally depend on 570 million smallholder and family farms for their livelihood. 

98 % of coffee producing farmers in India are smallholder farmers who own less than 2 acres of land. 

TechnoServe is a non-profit organization that works for the upliftment of these farmers from the dire straits of poverty. Working across countries, TechnoServe links people, information, and capital ensuring prosperity and wellbeing of all communities.  

Nestled in the lush green forests of the Eastern ghats, amidst cascading splendors and sprawling plantations is our Araku valley, the Ooty of Andhra Pradesh.Do you know that Araku valley boasts of growing the first sustainable coffee brand by Indian tribal farmers? 

In the Araku valley of Andhra Pradesh, TechnoServe works with 9 mandals associated with FPOs. TechnoServe gives farmers agronomy training, manages post-harvest to increase coffee productivity, and provides the necessary market linkages. The 9 FPOs have about 500 farmers each and across 355 villages, there are 3500 farmers who are being benefitted by this venture.  

Challenges Faced by Araku Farmers 

  • Aggregation of Farmers  

Araku is a non-traditional region quite unlike the Coorg and Chikamagalur belts of Karnataka that produces specialty coffees. The Araku region has a number of smallholder farmers producing fewer volumes of their produce, resulting in less productivity overall. Aggregation helps to bring together larger quantities of production thereby scaling the economic viabilities of storage, transport, and processing. The formation of FPOs is critical to achieving this aggregation.  

  • Quality of Yield  

Consistency in every coffee cup is a challenge. Geography, climate, soil fertility, and humidity are a few of the dependencies on crop yield. The necessity to follow a set of agronomic practices is essential to determine the quality attributes.  

  • Lack of Digitization  

Easy data recording and access to information bring transparency to a food ecosystem. The managing of this data on paper is cumbersome and inaccurate.   

Traceability and Sustainability are growing demands of Supply chain operations.  

  • Proving Ethical practices  

The validity of organic certifications is questionable and needs to be proved. Data has to be captured in real-time accurately and shared with the regulators and concerned authorities.  

  • Building Trustworthy Consumer brands  

Specialty coffee is a brand that needs authentication and verification from consumers. Consumers love to hear the product’s sustainable stories from the bean to the cup to be assured of trust and safety.  

Experience the fascinating traceability journey of Araku coffee beans! Watch our exclusive video to witness how TraceX technology revolutionizes the coffee supply chain, ensuring transparency from farm to cup. 

TraceX Solutions

Tracex solutions offer a holistic approach to addressing Technoserve’s challenges, empowering farmers, FPOs, and other stakeholders with the tools and insights needed to enhance productivity, sustainability, and transparency throughout the coffee supply chain. 

Farm Management with TraceX

Multilingual, Offline App: The easy-to-use app allows farmers and Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) to upload their data seamlessly, even in areas with limited connectivity, ensuring that valuable information is not lost.

Geospatial Farm Management: The geospatial environment feature enables farmers to efficiently manage their lands, allowing them to make informed decisions about crop planning, resource allocation, and land usage.

Stakeholder Onboarding: Tracex facilitates the onboarding of various stakeholders onto a common platform, promoting collaboration and data exchange among farmers, FPOs, and other relevant parties. 

Crop Database and Package of Practices: The crop database, coupled with predefined Package of Practices, empowers farmers with the knowledge and guidance needed to achieve quality yields, promoting sustainable agricultural practices. 

Harvest Dashboards: Harvest dashboards provide real-time insights into harvest progress and market trends, enabling farmers and FPOs to make timely decisions and optimize their operations. 

Batch Management and Supply Chain Optimization: Tracex streamlines processes with batch management capabilities, allowing for efficient tracking of lots throughout the supply chain. This optimization enhances inventory management and overall supply chain efficiency. 

Certificate Authentication: Tracex ensures the authenticity of certificates uploaded by stakeholders to meet compliance requirements, mitigating the risk of fraudulent claims and ensuring regulatory adherence. 

Blockchain Traceability: Tracex leverages blockchain technology to establish efficient track and trace systems, addressing food safety and fraud challenges by providing transparent and immutable records of product origin and movement. 

Digital Product Identity: With QR code integration, Tracex creates a digital identity for each product, enabling consumers to trace its journey from farm to cup, fostering transparency and building trust in the product’s authenticity and ethical sourcing practices. 


Through the partnership with TraceX, TechnoServe was able to provide their partner brands Blue Tokai and Humble Beans with the ability to track and record the journey of coffee through every stage of the production process, from bean to cup. 

coffee supply chain, coffee traceability, bean to cup, technoserve coffee supply chain

Key Takeaways


Empowerment through Technology: Tracex solutions empower farmers and Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) with user-friendly, offline-enabled apps, geospatial farm management tools, and crop databases, enhancing their ability to make informed decisions and optimize agricultural practices. 


Collaborative Platform: Tracex facilitates stakeholder onboarding onto a common platform, promoting collaboration, data exchange, and transparency among farmers, FPOs, and other relevant entities. 


Optimized Supply Chain: By streamlining processes, implementing batch management, and leveraging blockchain traceability, Tracex optimizes the coffee supply chain, improving inventory management, compliance, and transparency while addressing food safety and fraud concerns. 


Enhanced Consumer Trust: Tracex’s digital product identity feature, coupled with QR code integration, enables consumers to trace the journey of their coffee from farm to cup, fostering transparency and trust in the product’s authenticity and ethical sourcing practices. 


Compliance Assurance: Tracex ensures compliance with regulatory standards through certificate authentication and adherence to predefined Package of Practices, mitigating the risk of fraudulent claims and promoting sustainable agricultural practices. 

Promotes Sustainability: By facilitating the authentication of certificates and fostering compliance with ethical sourcing standards, Tracex enables the coffee industry to embrace sustainability as a core principle, thereby safeguarding the environment, supporting local communities, and meeting the growing demand for ethically sourced products. 

Join the ranks of industry leaders in ensuring end-to-end traceability for your products.  

Adopt TraceX solutions today and revolutionize your supply chain transparency.

Start using TraceX

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