TraceX Traceability Solution for the Journey of the Timios Porridge Pack

The children’s healthy food brand Timios partners with TraceX to provide end-to-end traceability solution of their made-to-order porridge range. Check out Timios’s journey of the pack with TraceX solutions
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The baby is 6 months old 

It’s time for the weaning cycle to begin and introduction of solid food to the little one 

A mix of excitement and worry for the mommies out there! 

A common situation in every household. Grand mom’s suggesting the traditional ‘ragi sari’ and moms are apprehensive about the feeding challenges.

The babies need to adapt to the semi-solid food and digest them easily. In this busy, ready-to-eat world, moms are worried about the right and safe brand for their dear ones.  

Timios is a fast-growing healthy food manufacturing company that has a wide range of food products from infants to toddlers. The entire range of products uses 100% natural ingredients manufactured in a cleanroom environment. 

This is what Timios founders Aswani Chaitanya and Hima Bindu have to say,” 1We have put a lot of thought in developing our products, right from sourcing till packaging. Our products are made using the best ingredients, so you know you are making the right choice for you and your kids.”

Timios has testing challenges lying ahead 

  • Timios porridge range has been manufactured in a cleanroom processing unit with high-quality hygiene 
  • The ingredients used are 100 % certified organic.  
  • The ingredients are carefully sprouted, evenly roasted, and then powdered. 
  • A lot of thought has gone into maintaining the quality of standards right from its conception to consumption. 

Honest claims. But these claims need to be validated to prove a credible product.

The journey of the porridge from the seeds to the bowl should be made transparent.

This would enable the consumer to experience the entire journey of the baby food and assure them a safe and healthy product. 

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Aswani Chaitanya says,” 2We understand how important it is for parents today to know the journey of their baby’s food product. To answer questions on where, when and how the product was made, we decided to use Journey of the Pack.” 

The Weaning traceability solutions for anxious brands 

TraceX technologies extends its support to Timios. TraceX offers the solution, a blockchain powered agri-tech platform to provide end to end traceability for the porridge range of products.

This would provide complete transparency about the entire product journey and thus satisfy the worried mothers. The customers can experience end to end visibility of the pack. Scanning a QR code on the porridge pack would showcase the ‘Journey of the Pack’. 

The Healthy Traceability journey 

  • The journey starts from the source of the ingredients used validating its 100% organic authenticity. 
  • The sprouting of seeds done through traditional methods is tracked. 
  • The manufacturing journey of roasting and milling is captured on the blockchain network. 
  • The final packaging is done in fresh locked pouches and lots are assigned QR codes. 
  • These porridge packs are delivered to the supermarts. 
  • The consumers scan the QR code on these packs to experience the product journey. 

From the supply of raw materials, manufacturing, packaging, and dispatch to the end consumer, the product can be tracked at each stage. The information is stored in the digital ledgers and can be extracted to prove the provenance. 

A Win-Win for Timios and TraceX

Aswani Chaitanya cofounder of Timios says,”3Through our collaboration with TraceX, our customers can experience Journey of the Pack. We at Timios believe innovation is critical and at the center of everything we do, enabling us to deliver the best and unique products for the children.”

Transparency and traceability solutions build brand trust among the parents who are introducing packaged solid food to their babies for the first time. 

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TraceX is happy to support Timios in their endeavor to offer traceability solutions to their porridge range of products. 

A clean, transparent, and traceable food ecosystem for ensuring health safety to all. 

Learn how to build Sustainable Food Systems for the future.

Discover how blockchain is bringing transparency and visibility to the entire food supply chain!

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food traceability, food supply chain

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