Can Net-zero or Carbon Neutrality be a Reality

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Quick summary: As the #WorldFoodDay is approaching, join us in a session with Ritesh Gupta, Sustainability Head, R&D Nestle India and Manu Bhardwaj from TraceX Technologies to talk about all things sustainability and understand how enterprises today are addressing carbon targets.

Global food systems are unsustainable for both the people and planet. Food systems emit one-third of the global greenhouse gases resulting in biodiversity losses, leaving millions hungry and malnourished. Accelerating food system transformation is imperative. There is a need to aggressively decarbonize our economy and our daily lives. The emission goals of the Paris agreement are a constant reminder to mitigate climate change with decarbonization. Companies are realizing the importance of sustainability issues and the cost effectiveness of smart investments in climate resilience and low carbon future. The ability of the companies to deal with impacts of climate change through a technology framework, financial flows and enhanced capacity building frameworks should see them ahead of the curve.

Read on to find how commitment to the planet starts with sustainability and carbon neutrality and how each one can contribute to making it a reality.

In Conversation with

Ritesh Gupta

Sustainability Lead at Nestle R&D centre India Pvt Ltd

Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Ritesh is currently working with Nestle R&D centre India Ltd in Gurgaon, Haryana as a Sustainability Lead. He is responsible for ensuring implementation of sustainability goals for the site with alignment of global targets and commitment

Ritesh is a Dairy technologist, who started his career with Sumul in 2006. He joined Perfetti Van Melle as a Unit and Production planner, spearing his entry into Nestle in 2013. He  entered the Sustainability space in 2018 in the Spice sector and positioned his role as the Sustainability Lead last December at Nestle. He leads projects in ingredients sourcing sustainability and partners with other organizations and related universities. The career opportunities and growth prospects fuelled him into the Sustainability Space and there was no looking back.

How does the Sustainability Space keep Ritesh connected and inspired?

Acquiring in depth knowledge and on ground exposure prompted Ritesh to take up a post graduate diploma in Sustainability. Questions on why sustainability is required and how difficult it is to implement the practices in agriculture intrigued him to delve deeper. “The problem is severe and has to be solved now”, led him to ponder over how he could reduce his own carbon footprint! Charity begins at Home and Ritesh wants to set this example to the people around.

How does Ritesh think he can take this forward?

Ritesh is proud to be the flag bearer of this Sustainability Journey. Climate change is hitting the planet hard and it affects one and all. We need to see the world in a different way, investing in sustainable brands, counting our travel miles, keeping a tab on water and electricity consumption and adopting composting in our daily practices. Sustainability has to become an integral part of every person’s life. “Calculate your Carbon Footprint” and make a change for yourself and the planet.

What according to Ritesh is the significance of Sustainable Development Strategies?

Ritesh feels sustainability is a long-term strategy. Industrialization dates back 300 years and to this day our planet is unsustainable. Sustainability cannot be achieved overnight, it needs to be embedded into our lifestyle. This calls for a gradual change and it should start with awareness and the impact it may have on future generations. Personally, it has changed Ritesh’s life over the past 5 years, an experience that he values.

What are the expectations that Ritesh has in the near-term future?

We are in a climatic crisis and immediate action is the solution with an equal contribution from one and all. The climate change is real and the commitments to 2030, 2050 and 2070 needs to be religiously pursued. Supporting the 17 SDGs are the need of the hour and it is the responsibility of governments, public and private sectors to adhere to the goals. The next 5 to 10 years will be challenging and we need to turn the tables around to save our planet.

Let us make Carbon Neutrality happen.

Join the session on 14th October 2022 and accelerate the net-zero journey for a sustainable future.

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