Spice Tech Company Leverages TraceX Blockchain to Enhance Spice Traceability



The Spice tech company’s online platform connects spice buyers and sellers, but lacks visibility into the journey of the spices, creating a system vulnerable to fraud and information gaps. 




The company partners with TraceX to develop a combined solution. TraceX’s platform provides blockchain-based traceability for the spice supply chain. A mobile farm management app by TraceX empowers farmers. API integration synchronizes data between the platforms. 




This collaborative effort between the company and TraceX will yield a more transparent and secure spice supply chain. The integration of TraceX’s traceability platform and a mobile farm management app empowers farmers while providing the online platform with verified data on farmers, inventory, and transactions. This fosters trust and accountability across the entire spice ecosystem. 

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From the aromatic warmth of cinnamon to the fiery kick of chilies, spices add depth and complexity to our culinary creations. But their significance goes beyond the taste buds. 


The recent news about the Indian Commerce Ministry’s focus on traceability in the spice industry underscores its critical importance. Alarms have been raised about spice contamination and exceeding safe residue limits. Traceability bridges this gap by allowing us to track the path of a spice, from farm to our plates. This empowers authorities to pinpoint the source of contamination if needed and ensure spices comply with regulations on maximum residue levels. Ultimately, traceability protects consumers from potentially harmful substances and fosters trust and transparency throughout the spice supply chain. 

About the Spice Tech Company

The company is a tech company based out of Cochin, Kerala. It is in the business of consolidating the value chain in the spices industry, enabled through its online platform, through which the main stake holders in the spices value chain are aggregated and the platform facilitates trade between them. 

Challenges Faced by the Company

  • Manual Data Management: The organization relied on paper-based records or manual data entry for farmer onboarding, crop management, and harvest tracking. This approach is prone to errors, inefficiencies, and difficulty in data analysis. 
  • Limited Traceability: Tracing the origin and journey of spices was likely challenging without a connected system. This could raise concerns about product authenticity and hinder brand reputation. 
  • Data Silos & Information Gaps: Data on farmers, crops, and transactions might have been scattered across different systems, making it difficult to obtain a holistic view of the supply chain. 
  • Lack of Transparency: Without a secure and transparent system, trust between farmers, FPOs, warehouses, and the organization could be hampered. 
  • Fraudulent Activities: The manual system might have been vulnerable to manipulation or fraudulent activities, impacting data accuracy and financial security. 

Farmer Digitization Workflow with TraceX Platform

This workflow outlines how the company leveraged TraceX functionalities to achieve farmer digitization and data synchronization with its online platform: 

  1. Farmer Onboarding & Land Management: 
spice traceability, spice supply chain, growcoms spice traceability
  • Verification & Digital Record Creation: The organization utilizes the mobile application for farmer registration and verification. Farmer details and relevant documents are captured electronically. 
  • Geo-Tagging and Mapping: The app facilitates geo-tagging of farms and geo-mapping of individual farmer plots, providing a visual representation of land ownership and location. 

2. Crop Management & Activity Tracking: 

spice traceability, spice supply chain, growcoms spice traceability
  • Crop Addition & Details: Farmers can add individual crops within the TraceX app, specifying sowing dates and other relevant details. This data is then synchronized with the online platform. 
  • Adjacent & Off-Season Crop Capture: The system allows recording of adjacent and off-season crops grown by farmers, providing a comprehensive picture of farming activities.
  1. Harvest Management & Traceability:
  • Harvest Updates with Batch Tracking: Farmers record harvests within the app, assigning unique batch IDs to each harvest for traceability purposes. This data is then synced with the online platform. 


  1. Post-Harvest Management & Sales:
  • Warehouse/Manufacturer Creation: The organization can create digital profiles for warehouses or manufacturer units within the system. 
  • Farmer Sales to FPO/Warehouse: Farmers can record sales of their produce directly to FPOs (Farmer Producer Organizations) or warehouses through the TraceX app. This data is then reflected in the online platform. 
  • GRN (Goods Received Note) at FPO/Warehouse: Upon receiving produce from farmers, FPOs or warehouses can generate digital GRNs within the system, creating a transparent record. 
spice traceability, spice supply chain, growcoms spice traceability
  1. Processing & Value Addition (if applicable):
  • Configurable Processing Steps: For crops requiring processing, the system allows creation of customized processing steps based on the specific crop and business needs. 
  • Process Details Recording: Manufacturers or processors can record details of how raw produce is converted into value-added products, providing transparency in the processing stage. 
  1. Sales:
  • Sale of Produce: Aggregators or manufacturers can record sales of their products (processed or raw) to the organization within the system. 
  • GRN Acceptance: The organization can accept deliveries from aggregators or manufacturers through digital GRNs, streamlining receiving processes. 
  1. Traceability Data Integration:
  •  Integration with Online Platform: Data captured throughout the workflow, including farmer details, harvest information, processing steps (if applicable), and sales records, is pushed to the online platform through integration using APIs. This allows final buyers to access a transparent record of the product’s journey from farm to fork. 

This comprehensive workflow empowers the organization with a data-driven system for farmer digitization, fosters traceability across the supply chain, and facilitates seamless data exchange with the online platform. 

How the Company leveraged Traceability with Process Batch IDs in Manufacturing Process

This use case demonstrates how process batch IDs was implemented in the Davana oil production process, enhancing traceability and data management for the spice tech company. 


The scenario involves a single process with multiple steps: 

  1. Cleaning
  2. Drying
  3. Extraction
  4. Filtration

Process Batch IDs:

  • A unique process batch ID is assigned to each batch of herbs entering the production process.  
  • This ID remains associated with the entire batch as it progresses through each step (dried herbs, crude oil, filtered oil). 
  • Each step within the process can also have a sub-ID linked to the main batch ID for further granularity. 

Process Inputs and Outputs:

Inputs: The initial quantity of raw produce for each batch is recorded along with the assigned process batch ID. 

Outputs: At each stage (dried herbs, crude oil), the quantity of material is recorded and linked to the corresponding process batch ID. This allows for tracking of yield and potential losses throughout the process. 

spice traceability, spice supply chain, growcoms spice traceability

Benefits of Process Batch IDs:

  • Enhanced Traceability: Process batch IDs enable traceability of the Final product back to the specific batch of raw produce it originated from. This is crucial for quality control, regulatory compliance, and consumer trust. 
  • Improved Data Management: Linking data (quantity, processing times, etc.) to process batch IDs facilitates data analysis and identification of potential bottlenecks or inefficiencies within the production process. 
  • Inventory Management: Process batch IDs help track the movement of materials within the production process, allowing for better inventory control and forecasting. 
  • Quality Control: By associating quality control data with process batch IDs, one can pinpoint potential quality issues specific to a particular batch and take corrective actions. 
  • Transparency: Process batch IDs allow organizations to provide customers with detailed information about the origin and processing history of the final product, fostering trust and brand reputation. 


  • TraceX’s mobile app can be used by farmers to record the initial quantity of harvest produce sold, associating it with a unique process batch ID. 
  • As the produce moves through each processing step, Platform can be used to record the quantity of output at each stage, all linked to the original batch ID. 
  • Overall, implementing process batch IDs within the production process empowers organizations with a robust system for tracking, managing, and analyzing their production data. This paves the way for improved efficiency, quality control, and transparency throughout the supply chain. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Enhanced Traceability and Security

   – The integration of TraceX’s blockchain-based platform provides end-to-end traceability for the spice supply chain, significantly reducing fraud and information gaps. 

  1. Empowerment of Farmers

   – The mobile farm management app developed by TraceX equips farmers with essential tools and data, improving their farm management practices and boosting productivity. 

  1. Data Synchronization and Verification

   – API integration between the platforms ensures seamless data synchronization, delivering verified information on farmers, inventory, and transactions to the online platform. 


  1. Increased Transparency and Accountability

   – The combined solution fosters greater trust and accountability within the spice ecosystem, benefiting all stakeholders from farmers to end consumers by ensuring the authenticity and quality of the spices. 


  1. Improved User Experience for Buyers and Sellers

   – With enhanced visibility into the spice journey, buyers and sellers on the Spice Tech platform can make more informed decisions, leading to a more reliable and efficient marketplace. 



By implementing TraceX blockchain technology, Spice Tech Company has taken a significant leap towards a more transparent and accountable spice supply chain. This innovative solution not only empowers consumers with confidence about the origin and quality of their spices, but also strengthens Spice Tech’s brand reputation as a leader in responsible sourcing. Looking ahead, this collaboration between Spice Tech and TraceX paves the way for a future where spices can be enjoyed not just for their flavor, but also for the peace of mind they bring. 

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