Blockchain Powered digital agriculture platform for sustainable and transparent supply chains

Decision Dashboards

Decision Dashboards for farmers, field staff, producer organizations and businesses to track various KPIs such as Farmer enrolment, farm mapping, Farm activity progress, package of practices deviations, harvest and goods received tracking etc.


On-board and validate claims from various stake holders such as FPOs, Co-Ops, Farmers, certification agencies, Processors, Buyers etc. Easily enrol farmers and Geo map farm land, on-board season wise crops all using an easy to use mobile app which works in multiple languages and in off-line mode

Pre-harvest Management

Crop planning for different seasons, configure package of practices for each crop, monitor and track farm activities, monitor near real-time crop growth. Current weather alerts and weather forecasting. Intelligent crop insights. Market prices, Production planner, Harvest dashboard for tracking harvest progress

Post-harvest Management

Configurable post-harvest processes and product manufacturing process such as Primary/Secondary/ T ertiary processing. Goods receipt note, Storage, Warehousing, and a comprehensive Inventory management. Digital identity on the Blockchain at all levels

Traceability via the Immutable Ledger

Print configurable product labels with Trace Id and QR code. Traceability aggregated across both Pre and post-harvest journey of the produce is made available via a simple QR Code, Trace ID or APIs. Chronological representation of both Produce and its journey on the supply chain is rendered directly from the Blockchain ledger.