Slay Coffee – Bean2Cup Traceability of Coffee


Slay Coffee, a leading gourmet coffee brand, is committed to working directly with various stake holders across coffee value chain to build a sustainable, ethical, transparent and traceable coffee supply chain.  With a broad objective to build a clean supply chain, Slay Coffee has partnered with TraceX Technologies, to implement FOODSIGN™ a block chain based coffee supply chain tracking and traceability platform. The broad objectives of SLYGRID project are :

  1. To build trace and track ability for Coffee process across the supply chain using FOODSIGNTM Blockchain platform.
  2. Empower consumers with transparent information about the journey of the bean and also Slay Coffee’s commitment for quality coffee experience
  3. To build process efficiency to eliminate the misplacement and mixing of the beans
  4. Integrate the platform with existing systems of Slay Coffee.


Multiple participants across the coffee supply chain such as coffee planters, plantations, roaster and warehousing partners participate on our Blockchain. FOODSIGN™ digitizes the entire supply chain to capture information flow from the relevant stakeholders across the coffee supply chain starting with Coffee growers, Plantations, Curing Works, Roasters, Central warehousing operations, Café and finally the consumers. FOODSIGN™ is integrated with IoT enabled Coffee roaster to capture the real-time information regarding the roasting profiles. The information thus exchanged at various intervention points across the supply chain is pushed through BLOCKCHAIN to generate a digital identity representing the movement of coffee from Seed to Cup. The different stake holders use combination of android based mobile application and web application to track and trace the life cycle of the bean as it moves from the plantation to the cafe and eventually to the consumers. The system is expected to significantly improve the time factor for the coordination of everyday activity between different participants in the supply chain. A comprehensive traceability provided by FOODSIGN™ helps convey unprecedented levels of information transparently to consumers.