IFHD – India Foundation For Humanistic Learning


IFHD is a foundation which is executing several Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects by partnering with Government, Farmer Producer Companies (FPCs) and the private sector. IFHD is leveraging FOODSIGN™ for one of the PPP-IAD projects with Maize growers in North Karnataka. We are technology partners for a PPP-IAD (Public Private Partnership for Integrated Agriculture Development) project in Belgaum dist. of Karnataka . The project is led by an NGO which works with the FPO (Over 1000 farmers) for aflatoxin free production of Maize. One of world’s largest maize company is the Maize buyer in the PPP consortium.


  • FOODSIGN™ plays a critical role for digitization and helps in digitally tracking the journey of produce from source to buyer.
  • No field level paper work as a result of data digitization – Reliable data about farmers and their land holdings, Crops, Production etc.
  • Reliable data for produce estimation, production planning and market creation
  • Crop stages monitoring, farmer advisory through the Package of Practices via the App