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MTR Foods – Farm2Factory Traceability of Byadgi Chilli

Byadgi chilly is a famous variety of chilly grown in Karnataka state. It constitutes a significant component in the consumption of spices. Chilies being perishable in nature require a lot of attention during harvest, storage and transportation. Transparency and traceability ensure a safe journey along the supply chain and delivers a quality product to the customer. MTR foods is one of the leading consumer brands for spices and ready to eat food products. MTR foods have partnered with TraceX technologies to use their blockchain powered solutions to ensure sustainable production and procurement of authentic byadgi chilly.

Case Study


MTR Foods is one of India’s largest consumer brands for spices and ready-to-eat food category.We are working with India’s leading consumer brand for spices and readyto- eat food company in sustainable production and procurement of authentic, traceable Byadagi Chillies on our platform. We are the technology partner in the project where we work alongside them with an FPO in Dharwad dist. Of Karnataka.


  • Ability to trace produce from the farm to factory up to the bag level
  • Better decision making based on the farm analytics
  • No field level paper work as a result of Complete data digitization – Reliable data about farmers and their land holdings, Crops etc.
  • Post harvest quality acceptance management
  • Crop stages monitoring, farmer advisory for quality inputs and technical assistance

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