Ultimate Guide For Traceability in Agriculture Value Chain

Strengthening Agri-value chains with blockchain powered traceability.

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Leading brands are using TraceX

Trusted by leading brands as leaders in traceability and sustainability solutions across food and agriculture supply chains.


What's Inside?

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Stages in the agriculture value chain

The Challenges that loom over the stages in the Supply Chain

The value chain approach and the drivers that build the ecosystem

A peep into a few of the agricultural chains like the Seed value chain, Rice value chain, Diary value chain, and the Seafood value chain

The way forward with Supply Chain Digitization with Blockchain Traceability

Do you want to solve the transparency gaps in your supply chain?

Blockchain solutions drive transparency and sustainability, helping us make the right choices on food consumption.

Why read this ebook?

At the heart of every agriculture value chain is the product, that travels the journey from farm to plate across geographical landscapes, passing through many hands. Transparency in the product journey is crucial in a food supply chain to ensure food safety and build trust among consumers.

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food traceability, food supply chain

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food traceability, food supply chain

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food traceability, food supply chain

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